Exclusive Series” Intuition Speaks”…..Launching Soon.

Ok so many of you are aware by now that #Team T.a.t.o.o (talking about things others oppose) is No bars held type of movement! 🙂 meaning we speak about ALL things that others refuse to say or even go into full detail about!….Sooooo Based on the book and film being released in spring of 2013…We felt why not give a little teaser….lol I know why tease?? Well we cant give you ALL of it…so we will be releasing webisodes discussing diffrent topics, such as Sex, relationships, women, men, friendships, stds, and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN…..Daily we will be posting diffrent topics and advice columns for diffrent topics and issues we all deal with daily! Feel free to comment and discuss with us as well, we look forward to all of your feedback!…#B.Michavery/Ceo/Founder

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