B.Michavery”s thoughts on “Women”s Intuition” and Cheating”


OK this topic can be very complex depending on who is discussing it…Now of course Most men will assume this Blog will be biased and full of male bashing BUT its NOT. I am a realist so i definitely know that there are many different sides to this very controversial topic. First in order to determine what Cheating is and how it affects people involved, you would first have to determine what you consider to be cheating. Now whether you know it or not cheating is more than a physical thing, and due to men and women thinking  and acting  diffrently, its very important to take into consideration that their perspectives of “cheating” can be totally different. It doesn’t excuse the fact by no means, however it must be taken into consideration in order to clearly understand the total picture.

  •    Forms of Cheating: Emotional, mentally , physical And in some cases spiritually(I will explain stay with me)…..

Emotional: This happens when a party is solely connected to the other party based on feelings and emotion filled vibes, this could be what happens when someone is able to express different feelings, thoughts etc without feeling judged or embarrassed , and able to be themselves freely (or so they think) which can cause one to feel “in love” .This can be a very dangerous thing!

Mental : This happens when one is connected intellectually! If someone has you in tune mental wise in most cases it can be a lost cause, You know the saying….When you have the mind you can have ANYTHING….this can only happen through conversations and connecting ways regarding views on life, experiences etc. Mental cheating is having an intimate relationship with someone that you most likely  never meet in person.  This differs from long distance cheating because the distance doesn’t matter, the parties involved will most likely never meet and probably have very little desire to do so.

Physical: This is the obvious!…Its when the woman’s  “TOOTIE POO” and the man’s “PECKER DING” Meet….:)

Spiritual:This typically happens when two are conflicted on religious views and find the comfort in like minded individuals , while yes this seems harmless but it can cause issues if two married or committed individuals don’t find a common ground, depending on how spiritual or religious one is is can destroy a relationship. (being spiritual and religious are two different things).

Now for me of course Cheating is simple> If you are doing anything that the other party is not aware of and would not condone then you are cheating simple!…Conversations that are inappropriate , meeting up, some people being flirty can be a open door to something else, depending on how far the flirting goes… And i have been in a relationship with a cheater, and i will tell you now…NEVER AGAIN!..I don’t care how many say a cheater can change..Most times they wont.. I see it this way even if it takes you 5 years to do it again…you always have the possibility once you have done it to repeat it again. Its just a matter of getting caught for most. Now this may not apply to all cheaters! But the majority! Its possible to do it again…But then again its to each its own…..Only you know how much you can take and if you can try to grow from it. But always follow the Little voice within…(men and women)…..cheating is not gender biased!…Its universal and You are the one who knows your breaking point!…Remember if you continue to allow the same mistakes to be done its no one Else’s fault but yours..anything done repeatedly is no longer a mistake it is a habit! And those at times can be unbreakable.

  1. Tips: Don’t own the cheat!…Don’t make excuses like, its something “i didn’t do ” that made him/she do it, NO Truth is regardless, they made the decision because they wanted to. No matter what the reason, Remember you can be seduced by something your not attracted to( you know the law of attraction) Ex, if i don’t think a elephant is sexy there is NO way it can make me wanna have Sex) J/S!!
  2. Stop making excuses to why it was done!…
  3. Anything that hinders you , from growing in life, emotionally, mentally, financially, and career wise  etc let it go! Stop allowing it to destroy your self esteem and confidence. How you treat yourself is a reflection on how others treat you!.
  4. If yo catch them cheating>>>>STOP GOING AFTER THE OTHER PARTY THAT THEY CHEATED WITH!…LADIES YOU HAVE THIS BAD!!!….she has no commitment to you…not making it right but he is the one who has vowed to be faithful NOT HER.. …handle him accordingly!.
  5. And finally realize you can’t change him /her….YOU ARE NOT THEIR PARENT. its not your job to mold them into who you want them to be…they either are or they are not!!…Stop holding on solely because you are delusional about them changing!!…If there is anything about them in the beginning that you don’t like or cant deal with …take heed and make your decision to move forward accordingly!…


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