“Intuition Speaks” Indie Artist Tips…..LISTEN UP!….

In this industry ive come across some amazing artist and some that are not so great!….But One thing i notice across the board is …..Many Indie Artist do not know the importance of having their BUISNESS straight!..This is a major issue among artist who are burning with the desire to succeed or be famous.  Many have people representing them who No very little about the buisness and or do not make it a priority to advise artist on the importance of building their brand and artist Development.  Below are some tips that artist can take and apply to their craft and see dramatic results….I guarantee you, when your buisness is right …people will take you more seriously and you will be amazed at how much closer you will be to your goals.  Although superstardom is not promised to every talented artist…. At least let  the reason you do not reach your peak be something other than your business being mishandled.

First and foremost before I get into all of the logistical things you should do ………YOU MUST FIRST UNDERSTAND THE ART OF NETWORKING.

  • I am always approached, by artist who knowingly or unknowingly approach me while i am out, they are forcing C.D’s, flyers, etc in my face. very interesting. And as much as i love the hunger in them, i wonder often do they really understand that the only thing that makes you stand out among-st other 100’s of artist who i encounter is your presentation. I literally have boxes and boxes of artist cd’s in my closet, trunk and storage rooms. Because honestly i do not have enough time to go through every single one of them, and honestly if im listening to something in my stereo, cd player etc i am not going to change my vibe to listen to a bunch of hoopla!….With an exception…..The presentation. I dont care if i have only 3 min’s to spare, if you sell yourself to me in those 3  minutes that is when you have loured me in. Tips for Networking below


  • Do not walk up and shove a cd/product  into someone’s hand ( you dont know who they know and you would hate to come off aggressive and rude
  • Use correct Dialect( do not speak Ebonics, loud, excessive flirting etc)
  • Be Professional ( Remember you are at work, you are not at a party this is not a celebration, you are selling who you are to other’s in hopes they will purchase your product.)
  • Dont show anger or frustration when people are not interested, smile thank them for their time and keep it moving
  • Do not flood their social media,  attempting to force them to notice you, you will be noticed and not in a good way. Understand , your dialect and persistence needs a balance. Learn to schedule meetings, consultation’s etc. Understand when buisess people take on a meeting they are looking for how they can benefit from what you have to offer as well. So if its not a benefit and they dont really believe in you enough then they will pass on your offer. Not because they are stuck up or anything like that, but because as a brand the artist you take on are a representation of who the brand is, and if what you have to offer is not a good look for them they will not partner with you. So make sure it makes sense on both ends to partner.



  • 1. Have a Plan: why are you doing this and how bad do you really want it? (it should be more than because you think you sound good.
  • 2. Marketing /Branding is very Important!..You have to think outside the normal!..Your brand is what gives you longevity it last way longer than a hit song!..
  • 3. Everyone is Not a manager!..Artist please stop assuming because people hold a title that they are good at it. Managers assist with building your brand, meaning, providing you with the tools needed to get you as far as your able to go and further!..This includes but not limited to,getting you a team of people such as p.r, stylist, marketing agent, booking agents, making sure all promo is set up etc…BUT know even with all this if you are not brand-able(yes its a word).:) then you wont go far…You have to tape into your unique style of artistry….You cant duplicate what someone else is doing and try to brand yourself off of that.
  • 4. Learn to read contracts, agreements, etc and realize every opportunity is NOT a good one!…
  • 5. And Final tip of the Day..STOP THINKING because you think your song is hot and you have been out grinding for a minute that now you are ready to receive paid shows!…LISTEN…i don’t care how long you have been doing it..in this industry its a give and take and if the venue, agent , etc don’t feel they will get their money’s worth then they wont pay you….YOUR music numbers matter!..No one owes you anything! This is YOUR dream no one else’s!…So Stop looking for handouts and make them wanna hand out! (if you get my drift)……
  • 6. ALSO MOST IMPORTANT! REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF INVESTING IN YOURSELF!..All entrepreneurs must first put MONEY, TIME, PASSION, DRIVE, AMBITION, DEVOTION AND DEDICATION into their craft first before anyone can or will believe in you enough to invest in you!.
  • Now thats it for my tips of the day!…(I cant give it All away!.)…KEEP GRINDING!!…Hard work pays off! Trust!….#B.Michavery

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