“Intuition Speaks” Go Vote! Stand for something or Fall for Anything!

Voting this year will be held 11/06/2012!…..We by now should all know how important it is to take a stand for SOMETHING. Now I will say this, while yes i will be voting for Obama, it doesnt matter who you vote for!…Im not here to make that decision for you. but what i am here to do is let you know that if you are over the age of 18, it is very important that you make a decision and vote!..Dont decide to not make a decision based on your parents views, friends, race, religion etc..That goes for Republican and Democrat Parties!…Our Youth is our Future and IF we are not leading by example and making a decision to better their lives in the future, than what is our purpose!…Its easy for us to make decisions on , which clubs to attend, what liquor is the best, what weaves are the best quality, (and there is nothing wrong with that) However its also important to know that Can’t be all that’s important!..GET YOUR BUTT TO THE POLLS AND VOTE!….IT COUNTS!. Remember voting for your senators, city council, governor, school officials etc are Even MORE important. You have no Opinion about how things are being ran if YOU are not making an attempt to make a diffrence!..#B.Michavery

If you need more information on political Candidates Go Here>>>http://2012-presidential-candidates.findthedata.org/compare/1-5/Barack-Obama-vs-Mitt-Romney

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