Former Hot Boy Rapper/B.G Sentenced to 14 Years Federal Prison

ImageB.G  was stopped by police in 2009 in Eastern New Orleans during a traffic stop. B.G, Demounde Pollard, 20 and Jerod Fedison, 30 were all stopped. Police found three guns,  loaded magazines,and later determined that the car had been stolen from an Alamo rental car parking lot. Pollard confessed to ownership of the guns, but police later determined that he’d done so at Dorsey’s request. When the state criminal case moved to federal court, Pollard and Fedison pleaded guilty, which opened up an avenue to charge Dorsey. The Cash Money rapper had confessed to the gun possession and obstruction charges, but refused to cooperate with police. Pollard took a plea deal and was sentenced to 30 months in prison and Fedison, whose rap sheet was longer, received a 20-year bid.

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2 thoughts on “Former Hot Boy Rapper/B.G Sentenced to 14 Years Federal Prison

    1. Sadly we as a community dont really give other options to do so… when we are in an enviroment stuck in that mindset its hard to adapt to different things no matter how much money you have.

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