“Intuition Speaks” Spiritual Alignment”…

In life you have to take the time out to be spiritually connected. Most times so many people are giving out so much of themselves, emotionally, mentally, physically (yes physically, stay tuned for my Power of the P. post)! and spiritually( spiritual alignment is different from being religiously connected). That they don’t get a chance to realize no one has fed into them until they are at a point of breaking down.  When you are drained in all or one of the above areas, it can tear on your spirit, and show in your everyday agenda.  When this happens its mandatory to sit back and reevaluate your life at the current moment and for the future. Expecially when you are a business person, in a career constantly moving, or a parent with many responsibilities, whatever it is you do you have to take care of your mental health and state and well as your spirit. hard to think and be positive when you are not aligned. This is easier said than done i know but below are some steps i have taken and i take often just to gain serenity and some peace of mind.

1. Find you a place where you can just relax, (bedroom, bathroom, closet, hotel,  WHEREVER). before you do this take a hot bath , candles, warm lemon water, smooth music( sounds like a romantic scene, i know but you have to know how to romance yourself 🙂 and just MEDITATE, say a prayer and clear your mind of everything at that moment, silence the noise!..This is very important, take a few deep breaths and just be still. If your able to stretch your body, do a few relaxation moves(yoga is really good!) take a warm bath and just be still.! Oil yourself and talk to yourself silently with affirmations of peace, prosperity, greatness etc, feel yourself with POSITIVE energy!..Love on yourself!

2. When you are done, get a journal and write out your feelings, fears, things bothering you, your wants desires etc and when your done LEAVE IT THERE!. don’t continue to carry it with you on a daily! In order to begin fresh you must release all negativity in your mind! you are what you think, and your thoughts become reality so you MUST CHANGE THAT FIRST.

now while the above is not all that you can do to begin on your spiritual alignment its a start!..I will continue to update you on possible ways to help you better yourself…I will be uploading videos to help you as well! Stay tuned SO MUCH MORE TO COME!… Muah…..B.Michavery/founder/Ceo


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