Intuition Speaks ….ASK B.MICHAVERY /Founder/Ceo

 Intuition Speaks ....ASK B.MICHAVERY /Founder/Ceo

While no im not a expert etc, i have been blessed and gifted with the ability to Motivate, encourage, and inspire people to be amazing through life experiences and much more! Ive been around alot, involved in alot and done MUCH MORE so the ability to transform those experiences into something great has truly been GOD’s work!.No Im far from perfect and i will NEVER JUDGE SOMEONE based on decisions they make, i due feel a sense of responsiblity to show others another perspective. Being that we live in a society where perception seems to cloud reality!…And there is a diffrence!. From people emailing me questions, texting me for advice, commenting on my facebook topics, needing advice on music industry , how to start, what to do etc, legal advice( yes it helps to be obtaining my Bachelors in Entertainment Law, Business Owner, Etc. I have been around a while!..Although im still rather young, i have been in the industry for almost 10 years, beginning with my Magazine (Ladi Dynasty, Then becoming an artist, a publicist a P.R and Later a Manager of a Artist Group and consulting Many artist on their development!. My journey is yet only beginning, With a Book coming Out in Next Spring, a documentary under my Belt for The official Campaign (T.a.t.o.o) Talking about things others oppose, A mini series in the making and So much more! I figured why not open the forum to people who wanted to ask me things and didnt know how to contact me or if i was even opened to listening! I am full of advice, motivation etc, i love helping people and assisting with people’s needs etc!…NOW i must be honest! I am a realist so i hope you are prepared for the Honest Truth! Remember in order to be a better you , you have to be able to face the unpretty truths about onesself! But dont worry i will give you not only advice but lead you to where you can get extended help if needed! :)…..Look forwarded to answering all your questions!….Remember DONT hesitate on the questions…I promise ive been asked them all, from relationship questions, industry , career choices, being a side line, abuse, drugs, etc i PROMISE YOU IM OPEN!……you can email your questions to , facebook/BrandiJones, twitter @BMichavery and facebook @tatoocampaign……I will be answering All questions 3 times a week! In the Intuition speaks Ask B.Michavery Columns!

Look forward to hearing from you all! 🙂 #B.Michavery/Founder

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