Meet James Holmes: Aurora Theater Masscre shooter…..COLORADO KILLER

 We all are familiar with the tragedy that took place this past weekend in Colorado,  at the midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises.  a suburban neighborhood right outside of Denver, 12 people are confirmed dead, and 38 people have been injured, and of that 38 many are in critical condition. Sadly the gunmen, James Holmes, did not discriminate, aiming at children, babies, and adults of all races. I don’t know what kind of evil or sickness leads an ex-medical school student to do such as thing, but I do know this crime is an unnecessary evil. So meet James Holmes…a 24 year old serial killer……..I’m not sure what the world has come to where we have people in-bedded with such evil intentions with NO REMORSE…and who our society will most likely  deem as mental and will give him a lesser sentence or a lenient one based on it!……Something has GOT to change.Image

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