Exclusive! B.Michavery/Ceo/Founder Honored on her Accomplishments on DuskSpot.Blogspot.com

Extremely humbled and thankful to see that My hard work and dedication placed on The T.a.t.o.o Campaign and My management Company is not going without notice. Its an amazing feeling to be able to do what you love doing and actually reap the ultimate reward from it, which is not in monetary value but to be able to touch peoples lives and affect people in ways beyond my understanding!.. Ceddy J, Collier who is a Media /Entertainment Mogul himself, did and write up and actually deemed me as #1Gold star of the week!.. A true accompolishment i may say! đŸ™‚ IF you dont know anything about Ceddy J WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??…

Read More at http://duskspot.blogspot.com/2012/07/on-spot-issue-52.html#!/2012/07/on-spot-issue-52.html

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