Houston News: Houston Boy Accidently Kills 11 yr old Brother!…Sad!

HOCKLEY, Texas (AP) – Prosecutors will consider whether to file charges after a 12-year-old Houston-area boy allegedly shot and killed his younger brother. Waller County authorities say the death of 11-year-old Gage Rogers appears to have been as an accident.

Sheriff Glenn Smith said Monday that the victim and his older brother apparently were not supervised when they played with a shotgun. Officials believe the parents were at work when the boys found the weapon in a closet at their home in Hockley on 0/7/30/2012.

Sad! We have got to keep weapons away from the reach of minors unsupervised, I understand why we would have them in the home however we have got to be more proactive!….Prayers to the family!
Read more: http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/19154593/houston-area-boy-accidentally-kills-brother-11#ixzz22FSrVK69

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