Intuition Speaks: Divine Purpose! Whats Yours?…By B.Michavery

Honestly, The force that Drives me is one i couldnt put into words if i tried! 🙂 For Me my drive Comes from a Spiritual Being!..I have been blessed and gifted with a purpose in life, and honestly at times i feel as though it can be a bit overwhelming at times:) , but i do know that Nothing happens by chance, EVERYTHING has a purpse!.And for that im completely grateful and honored that i am able to touch people in ways i NEVER imagined, i mean ive always been likeable, i have a very blunt personality, honest spirit and a heart bigger than mount Everest:) But i never thought that i would be considered one who has helped change people’s lives for the better, in ways i have been blessed to witness!.No I’m not talking monetary ways either, although that too has been an amazing blessing as well, my ultimate joy comes from young women/men  who read my post, blog, tweets, send me emails, text messages and just have plain good ole conversation about life and leave feeling empowered in ways i never knew capable!.And honestly i take NO responsibility for this ..Its all GOD…He uses me at times when i don’t feel like it, when i wanna be angry, sad, bitter or whatever he NEVER ALLOWS ME TO WALLOW he pulls my butt right on back in!..:) And on this Journey of the T.a.t.o.o (talking about things others oppose) campaign, he has allowed me to reach deep down and pull something out that i Never knew Existed! MY PURPOSE!.. Many ask me B.Michavery how am i able to know what my purpose is? Its simple its revealed to you in spirit, you feel it! No one will tell you what your purpose is, your purpose finds you and its up to you what you do with it. Listen to me Regardless where you have been, what you have done, who others say you are, and what YOU may think you are. Its never to late to find your purpose!  YOUR path is designed uniquely for you…Its just waiting for you to accept it !.I believe in you Now its your turn! :)..#B.Michavery/Ceo/Founder

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