Is Hip Hop’s Authenticity Still Credible…B.Michavery’s thoughts

This is a very debate worthy topic, for some its a matter of negating what people’s views of “Hip Hop” are ,and for others it may be feeling that some where along the lines of new generations and new barriers that Hip Hip has become washed down and even Pop!. Well in no form am i negating what people feel towards the subject however i am pointing out some things i feel have tampered with the credibility of true hip Hop.

First lets start by saying that while yes music as a whole has changed, however i find it unsettling when we have people rapping( or spitting) about things that they have no true experience about. 

Second nowadays i don’t see any CREATIVENESS  in the music, for the most part people rap about , cars, clothes, women, money, drugs, homicides, etc so on. And many of them have NEVER experienced any of this.

Third radio also gives these type of artist a platform because they rarely play, or break artist whose rap lyrics have educational value,uplifting or motivational type vibes to it, Now a days its all about what the clubs will play and how many people can out do the major artist who talked about the same thing!(foolishness) .Too much time spent on duplicating and not creating!

Whats unfortunate is to the people who grew up on Artist as K.r.s One, Nas, early jay Z, PAC, Rahim, Run D Mc , Mc lyte, Queen Latifah, etc!  Nowadays people don’t even know who these people are!You see these artist and their music said something and it left an impact on people to actually make conscious decisions to actually do better.Nowadays not so much, and While yes these artist really get the clubs jumping and the street following, but it leaves you with a feeling of DO THESE ARTIST REALLY LIVE AND BELIEVE THE THINGS THEY ARE SAYING IN THEIR MUSIC?

And i say all that to say this, As an artist you have a responsibility, not as  a picture perfect role model cause  that is unreasonable, BUT as a person who if you have  gone through those things to show how you have grown, why not speak about it and send a message in a more positive light encouraging others to learn from the path you feel you had to go and not make the same mistakes . And then on another hand, why put up  the pseud that you live that life if you never did! Its nothing to want to experience if you havent, why not be glad you didn’t and talk about that, it doesn’t make you less “Real” It makes you more authentic to who you are and your true fans will appreciate you for it, sooner or later the Truth is exposed and it can make or break your hopeful career!  There use to be a time where people were held accountable and exposed for the deceit in their lyrics nowadays is accepted (weird) and radio wont play anything else!. It has even given artist the authority to discredit the artist’s who have paved the way before them to give them the platform they have now to even be able to have the opportunity as an artist!   While yes i love music and i do listen to ALL the music you can think of, I still  feel like the Rap culture is indeed transitioning, and while yes its always a good thing to grow, IT SHOULD NEVER DEEM IT AS ACCEPTABLE TO NEGATE THE FOUNDATION WHICH GAVE IT THE ABILITY TO EVEN EXIST. While i do believe that the culture itself is rich with ability to reinvent itself it will definitely take a little work to transform. #B.Michavery/Founder

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