Sorry for the wait…There is a reason i Promise:)))))….By B.Michavery

I know I know I know!! Many of you are wondering where i have been! Dont worry I’m still here creating!! As many of you know, creating a brand is a very hectic yet amazingthing! HOWEVER:) you have to be focused and leave room to create!! Soooo let me update you on what’s to come!

I am working on a few negotiating deals for our new Webseries Entitled : What’s your T.a.t.o.o: Conversations with B.Michavery: This webseries will touch base on everything, not only serious  issues, but also empower women and men , discussing lifestyle,  fashion, Exclusive interviews, and My favorite ……..MUSIC!! All types of different artist who will be interviewed as well as showing some behind the scenes work of how they create and express their talent!(Sooo Excited!)

Exclusive First Ever Documentary Entitled B.Michavery The Brand: So many of people ask me how i started, why i began and some even ask who is this B.Michavery Chick( well they have a little hard time pronouncing it lol) It’s Be/Me/Shay/Veree by the way) 🙂 . Well this documentary will broadcast all that and more, you will get a full glimpse on who i am as a woman,  entreprenuer, artist manager, fashionista, and campaign founder As well as walk through the process of me  creating my own book! Sooo much for a lil woman like myself but i figured why not film while i work and live life, that way people dont have to ask those questions:)))!

Photoshoots: Now in preparation of the webseries i have to have full promotion so that means, New Website( dont worry this blog will still be updated, More regularly lol, But with more personal thoughts and views , and then the website will be used to purchase merchandise, info on mentorship programs, upcoming news etc!

Webisodes: Now i know people tel me all the time , why dont you ever update with you tube videos!!!:( Sooooooo ok ive heard you, Since y’all wanna be all up in my business!:))) Just kidding) i will definitely be updating with you tube videos, within the next month or so, discussing many different topics and random advise that people need! Full of positive yet Real talk!! honesty rules the nation!! And besides that’s what people seem to love and want more from me sooooooo You got It!!:)

Whew!!! So as you see i have been Busy!! Working working and preparing to give you all soo much more of me! I promise i will be updating more often, about 3 times a week answering questions, giving blog entries , Branknowledge 🙂 ( my word for knowledge coming from me) etc. I also want to take the time out to tell you all I truly am thankful and honored by all the supporters and people who actually look forward to me speaking with them, i see all of your Facebook posts, and twitter messages, It’s too many to answer you all but i try!:)….Which is why My blog is So much more personable , im able to connect through  my thoughts with no limit!:)…So i want to tell you all i appreciate and love you all sooo much!! Your support is EVERYTHING!….Cyber Hug!!!!!(((((((((((((:))))))))))))!!

Talk to you all soon! BranDolls/gents!!! Muah!!!

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