Where the Heck is B.Michavery!!


 It’s Be/Me/Shay/Veree by the way) :) . So many people have been asking Where i have been!??? I posted on my fb and twitter a few months ago that i would be taking a break from, social media, and the world per say to focus on myself mentally, physically and emotionally!..When you have been in the buisness of Entrepreunuership for as long as i have, it can take a toll of you, because you give so much of yourself into your craft and others!! So i made it a point to take this time to actually reflect on what ive done, who i am and who im becoming!,,Very important things to do, During this time, ive severed some relationships, both personal and buisness wise. Its very important in life you realize you cant take everyone with you everywhere you go, you have to leave somethings behind, or else you will not grow!..No need in trying to save the unsaveable or unsave worthy!…I cant express to you how relieved i am , how free ive been living and much fun ive been having, learning about life, Love,  art, perfecting my craft, meeting amazingly new people , relocating  and totally transforming!!! Life was good before but now………Its EVEN BETTER!….:)….BUT even though ive been out of sight , ive still been working and creating just out of the “spotlight” per say!!.Ive received every email, all the text and even the letters ive received( Dont know how the heck people got my mailing address But its All good!!)! I am forever greatful for all the support and love ive received!!

The New DocuFilm B.Michavery Building the Brand……Making of A Mogul:

Well this documentary will give you a more indepth   glimpse on who i am as a woman,  entreprenuer,  fashionista, and campaign founder As well as walk through the process of me  creating my own book/and custom design line!!!! I also have A HUGE photoshoot coming up with an a totally new team of Glam squad!! My Official Personal stylist , New makeup artist , Brand New Videographer and  A new Photographer!! All based out of HOUSTON!! 🙂 I told yall i would be relocating my buisness ventures and life to houston and its finally happening!!!   Im Bicoastal!!! lol(Well Almost)!! Ive been receiving so much love and support from everyone  In many cities but i must say it all started from Houston..:) I also have an official Publicist and P.R Firm/Team out of missouri  who will handle all media inquires and social media as well!! Im so excited about everything and believe me just because you dont see me im still working!!! My grind never stops!! Stay tuned for relaunch of The Campaign Documentary Which was a huge success!!! It actually sold out!! So with new photoshoot and and never before seen footage We will have it availble for you on the Official Website soon!! !…..I cant wait until you all see it!!

I thank you all for your continued love and support and i will see you all soon!! Cant wait until you see the transformation! Its amazing how it feels to put all the energy you put into others into yourself and actually focus on building the Brand of you Completely!!…


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