One of the my most humbling Experiences to date…….B.Michavery

So many things occur during my creative process, i mean i have such an entrepreneurial creative spirit that i rarely rest! I have an obsession with learning new things, meeting new people, i listen to different music, travel to different places , eat different foods etc, And i must say i am completely in love with my experiences, and  ive realized that when you remove the limits off your imagination and your views on life , your future is SO MUCH brighter, the people you associate with a have a different appreciation of life and its possibilities! And i must say it is truly awesome! But with all that being said, i also know that i would be nothing without knowing my history! Not just knowing the history of American American Culture, but comprehending history as a whole, through different culture’s eyes! You see you cant truly create and break barriers if you dont understand the barriers that hold so many people back,  knowledge is only power when it is utilized but if you dont know that you are unknowledgeable  what difference will it make?……So this past weekend, i called My Besto(my guy best-friend) and my Besti(My girl Best friend) and i said hey! I have an idea, and of course they are both use to my surprises (HaHa) they know to never expect the expected! So we packed up and went Downtown to visit A museum…… A visit that would indeed change my perspective on Barriers. We walked in…….The HOLOCAUST MUSEUM.

Now i will tell you , it had been a very long time since i had read or heard  about the holocaust let alone see anything that would ignite a remembrance of what that period held for so many of the jewish culture, so needless to say when we walked in , i felt an immediate feeling of overwhelment, from the pictures on the walls, to the Documentary of the survivor’s being played, the statues, the cemented graves of the deceased, it just was completely like nothing i had ever experienced. As i walked through he building the lighting was dimmed, to my left a huge photo of Anne frank stood well over 6 feet, near the entrance to her exhibit and i remember just standing still….then this tour guide (a very nice gentlemen) brought us over some recorder looking devices that we were to type in the numbers located on the bottom of the pictures in each section,(this was so you can hear a description of each picture describing the horrific events, and i must say the pictures were extremely graphic!, I was able to read excerpts from Anne Frank’s diary, learn about her family, her aspirations as an actress and her death. Then throughout the exhibit you are able to see clothing worn by some of the victims, their passports, their bibles, etc. But out of all of this the most devastating part of it all, was that He(Hitler) had such a hate for the Jewish culture that he wanted them all dead even children, and the photos of the children and families being starved, tortured and tormented and left for dead was the most emotional horrifying reality of it all!! This visit lasted about 2 hours, full of footage, pictures, and so much more, its truly an experience hard to explain. And  to think it all stated in 1943 and ended around 1945.

What i took from this visit! You see so many times especially in the African American culture we often forget that Slavery did not happen thousands of years ago!.Nor did it only happen to us! So many times we get so caught up in playing the victim role and hating the “White” man that we dont realize how much strength we should have gained from our history!..Not only did we suffer such a horrific time in history but countries away so many others did as well! If people would just understand that while yes our color of our skin separates many of us, one thing is for sure, we are all apart of history, and we have more in common than we know. Hatred is not in your d.n.a it is taught! And no matter how horrific it is to remember  what others had to go through just for us to be able to have the opportunity to live a different life, it is unspeakable that we take advantage of it.This visit made me realize that no matter what i may feel, or how i view life as being so horrible at times, it could be worst! You see that visit didnt register to me as it happened to the “White culture” it registered that it happened to a “HUMAN” culture! And we all should learn a valuable lesson from it, Now adays people have no care for human life, they kill, still, and try to destroy each other, everyone is out to get everyone and the whole time not realizing its you who is allowing history to repeat its self ! you have to be the change you say you want to see. There is so much more to life than what you see. Remember your perception is based on your Cultural Background. How you were taught, what you saw, habits are formed based on this!….you must break the cycle!…..

Life is Precious …Treasure it! B.Michavery

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