Dont Be Scared Of Your Beautiful……B.Brave….B.Michavery’s Thoughts

Dont Be Scared Of Your Beautiful......B.Brave....B.Michavery's Thoughts


In a society so full of expectations , opinions, views and perceptions on everything from social class, politics, relationships, religion, style, and everything in between, it so easy to become drowned in a life of what others feel you should have, or even worst becoming who others think you should be!(Thats a horrible way to live).Expecially when they base this on what you have, what you do, how much money you have and NOT the real you! So many are stagnate in their growth because they try so hard to fit it. Why!? You are uniquely made to stand out!..You know that “Thing” about yourself that you hate so much, that thing was created for you to be different. So why work so hard at being opposite of who you truly are!..I get it, if you are not what society perceives as “REAL” then you are lame right? WRONG! The truth is being real is being True to who you authentically are, and no social standard can determine that for you! Your smile, your voice, your eyes, your teeth, your style, your hair texture, your body frame, the nerdy you, your interests, your favorite music, your values, your morals, your YOU! Is perfectly imperfect and the world Needs it to survive!…Have you ever thought about how much better your world would be if you just tapped into your uniqueness and shared it with the world? Do you know how many barriers you would break if only you just embraced you? See this world is full of duplicates, so many people, choose careers based on popularity, they wear clothing based on the perception of whats acceptable by the social class they revolve in, they jump at the latest trends instead of creating their own, they date who others deem as acceptable based on culture limitations and soo much more! Aren’t you Tired!? Its time to live for you!, love freely , whoever you want to love, eat the foods you never tried , share in other cultural activities, read different things, form new more positive habits, pick up a new type of positive lifestyle and see how much better your life will be!
…I am deeply disturbed at the Audacity of so many people both in “real form” and Cyber Form” who feel it is appropriate and attempt to justify Their Prejudice Tendacies towards any group of people who do not share their perception on life, religion, culture, relationships, homosexuality, racism, interacial relationships, career choices etc!..Brave Stars its imperative to NOT allow anyone regardless of their views to put you in a box based on their perception. Dont be afraid of your beautiful! are amazing, your are needed, your are special and unique …You just havent realized it yet. B.Brave and Freely live Boldly!…#B.Michavery

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