Official Publicist/P.R Firm Representation Announcement For T.A.T.O.O CAMPAIGN Founder B.Michavery is P.R Mentality LLC…B.Michavery”s Thoughts

My official PublicistI am more than pleased to announce that The official Representation for all media/Publicity coverage is now being handled by P.R Mentality LLC. Chief Executive officer Of company Lindsey Walker. I can honestly say it is not only an honor but also it showcases how far Brand B.Michavery and T.a.t.o.o campaign have come. In just a year of launching the Official Campaign for Team T.a.t.o.o so many amazing things have happened and so many Great accomplishments have been achieved that I Must thank God for such an amazing vision and an even amazing circle of supporters who have helped to take my Brand to the next level. I could not have done any of this without the support of you all. I chose to partner with P.R Mentality LLC, because as many interviews as I held with Publicist’s, this partnership only felt right. While I interviewed some amazing brands who had  amazing “Idea’s” of what Brand B.Michavery and Team T.a.t.o.o is about I knew that I needed a team of people who gave me and the brand the attention it truly deserves, I needed a team to work as hard or harder to push it to the next level,regardless of the wealth, fame, or acceptance of the Brand, I didn’t want to feel like just another number or another check to cash and most importantly I didn’t want to make a decision that may or  may not have been the best fit for My company. Being in this business for 7 years ive seen alot and experienced alot during the development of My brand, and I have encountered some NOT so great partnerships! So needless to say im very protective of  my vision and it’s growth, and that’s whether or not it ever became A wealthy Brand or not. I’ve learned that 90 percent of having a brand is protecting it, and realizing that not everyone has the same vision in mind for you or your vision. So needless to say I felt I found an amazing partnership with a company who also is very selective of who they represent and values their partnerships with their clients as much as I do! They take pride in being efficient, punctual and delivering extraordinary results. So im very excited to announce them as The official representative of my Brand.  Stay tuned for Website Release information and Upcoming releases! I again want to thank each and every one of you for your support , constant emails, fb msg’s, phone calls and constant belief in what I do! Cyber Hugs!!!!!!! Talk to you all soon . Love you all my Brave Stars!! Remember B.Brave/B.Bold…Live your life through YOUR uniqueness it’s life changing!!!!



For more information of P.R Mentality LLC go to

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