B.Michavery/Founder Gearing up for Official Launch of “Intuition Speaks: B.Brave/B.Bold B.YOU

I guess Its official I can now say ....My revamping and reincarnation has completed! Now its time to share w/the world.B.Brave
I guess Its official I can now say ….My revamping and reincarnation has completed! Now its time to share w/the world.B.Brave

Brave Stars!!! Hey luv’s! Its official I am gearing closer and closer to the Intuition Speaks: Release. So many things coming, New Film Promo Documentary Trailers, Media coverage, Exclusive interviews, and Merchandise from Custom Clothing Line and Much More!!! I want to let you all know I could not do any of this without you!! You are truly Appreciated! I will be releasing special Episodes Just for you all, I know I’ve been receiving all of your emails, and fb request and tweets about me doing YouTube Videos with different topics, addressing different issues etc! And I PROMISE I will make that happen. You all know I am all about quality over quantity so I take my time because it has to be right!! Nothing worst than releasing material that is not a direct reflection of who I am as a Brand and a Business Woman, and even worst I cant give my supporters half crafted Work and material!!….I Wrapped an important meeting today about filming schedule and release dates, as well as the Custom Shirt line(No not regular white tee type printed shirts either, the type my Brave Starletts will wear out to a club, a meeting or even a dinner date!)Which will be released within the next couple of months!….Again I thank you all for all of your support and continuous love you are showing and have shown! Cyber Hugs see you all soon!!!#B.Michavery/founder

P.S I want you all to make sure to follow up with the Prev post regarding the First 48 Special…Featuring story of Tommy”Cashaw” Heads, From Dallas Tx!! We have got to B.Brave and Fight for change! People are so consumed with what artist are putting in their music that they neglect whats going on in our very own neighborhoods!!!

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