When is “Hip Hop” No longer Just Entertainment..!B.Michavery’s Thought’s

This is a very debate worthy topic, for some its a matter of negating what people’s views of “Hip Hop” are ,and for others it may be feeling that some where along the lines of new generations and new barriers that Hip Hip has become washed down and even Pop!. Well in no form am i negating what people feel towards the subject however i am pointing out some things i feel have tampered with the credibility of true hip Hop. Please see Previous post Is Hip Hop’s Authenticity Still Credible... to catch up on Previous Discussion..Update Below……

I am pleased to say at this time, The art of Rap has the potential of transforming! Bringing back the flows, like Common,and many others who paved the way for the hip hop lyricist movement, newcomer Kendrick Lamar has thoroughly impressed me! With his inhibitions in using his craft to tell his story, in such an honest yet creative way! Not just speaking about drugs, women and money, he uses his platform to introduce you to a different perspective. And While others are targeting the craft of rap’s Lyrics, (recent drama surrounding Rick Ross) He remains unmoved!…Now speaking about the issue with Rick Ross. While i do see the perspective of many with how the lyrics, insinuating rape, could possible influence a population of… let me say unguided individuals, i disagree with the extent people have taken it. Let me explain…….Music to an artist is like a brush to a painter, you cant tell an artistic person how to use their craft..While you have the freedom to disapprove of it’s content you should not be able to hinder how the person articulates its craft. Now again, I am not condoning the verbiage used, however facts are, Rape is not only used as lyrical content, if you are going to be PRO banning of freedom of art, then all of the fiction novels, all the movies, all the plays, all the poems etc, should be banned as well. It sends the message that while we dont condone rape..We are ok with murder, drugs , sex in music ,and on television….Or what about the condoning of violence in these reality shows, showing GROWN women, attacking, physically, and verbally other women on a constant basis. I guess non of that has to do with the Ignorance in our communities, or i guess its not influencing people in negative ways either. What im saying is society should not be one sided! Entertainment is Suppose to be Just that Entertainment But some how it has become the Key Example of How life should be in many people’s lives, and while yes at some degree artist have a major influence on our youth, it is unfair to put sole responsibility on them to train, raise, and grow your children, into law abiding, upstanding individuals, the foundation starts at home. At some point we all have take responsibility for our actions and lack of. Influence does not only come in the form of Artistry, so what are you doing to empower, motivate or encourage people to live and do better and change their perspective of what a positive Role Model is?! We have to look at what the real issues which are, that the only influence to being a better person comes in the influence of Entertainment or Celebrities? Its because society has placed them on such an inhuman stature, preventing them from being who they are and express themselves freely as MANY of the the parents of the youth do, Suddenly they have become the most influential person in their lives. So what does this say about you? Instead of us focusing on the people in the limelight and entertainment, why not focus on how you can be influential in your children and others of the communities to give them a totally different perspective…Its like Blaming a drug for addiction…NO the issue is The person…Changing the mentality and finding solutions to why people are influenced to do what they know they shouldn’t rather than blaming it on Entertainment should be what’s more important.


2 thoughts on “When is “Hip Hop” No longer Just Entertainment..!B.Michavery’s Thought’s

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