B.Brave Stars ..You can Now Apply For Internships with #TeamT.a.t.o.o Virtually…See How!!Deadline 05/15/2013..

B.Brave Stars ..You can Now Apply For Internships with #TeamT.a.t.o.o Virtually...See How!!Deadline 05/15/2013..

Hello Brave Stars!! So yesterday i posted the information about The internships that are now available!! I must say overnight i have received some amazing submissions that I’m going through, However deadline doesn’t end until may 15! But i have made it even more easier for you…You can now submit with others around the world By clicking Our campaign Logo above this post or also below this post and it will take you directly to Our application! You can Submit your resume via video or fill it out manually! Isn’t that awesome! No longer do you have to type up anything and email it, you can type it and submit or just record a video as a resume!!Now There is ONE thing , after 48 hours of My posting the virtual Application will only be open to members of the Internship site! Which means only the already 12 million people who have a profile will be able to see my internship Opportunity!! Bummer i know! But it doesn’t have to be, Act now…Time is ticking!..You don’t want to miss this opportunity! What an amazing way to meet my candidates and supporters !!! I look forward to seeing you all soon!! Cyber Hugs! Xoxo!!


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