Bravery In The N.B.A….Jason Collins The “Gay” Inspiration…By B.Michavery

I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay….Jason Collins, 12 Yr Veteran N.B.A Player.

Many will say so what, many will judge, many will applaud, many will be shocked, But one thing is for sure two words can be used to describe Jason Collins, Pure Bravery. While no he is NOT the only Gay athlete, he definitely is the first to admit with such masculinity, that yes, Tall, handsome, Black athletic talented Men can and or indeed Homosexual. While to many his coming out is very uncomfortable, you know, the ones who say i cant believe i played with him on the court, he was in my locker room, he saw me in my shorts, I wonder if he looked at me” Others are saying thank you , Now its my turn! Its amazing how no matter what your perception of homosexuality is , I’ve always viewed it as just being someone’s preference, who cares who you sleep with, It shouldn’t define that person’s character. For so many years, the prejudice regarding not only race, but sexual preference has been nothing short of modern day slavery. Slavery? You say, YES, for so long people have been condemned for loving who they love, and prevented from the same rights that every citizen should be awarded, and then for it to be justified as NOT ETHICAL or not upholding to whatever religious beliefs they have while also being labeled as the carriers and causes of the Deadly H.I.V /A.I.D.S epidemic is despicable! (As if to say, heterosexual people don’t have the same issues, and truth be told if we are wanting to condemn those who love the same gender, we should also condemn the heterosexual ones for being is jacked up relationships as well, But that’s a whole nother Post!) Not only have the L.G.B.T communities stood together to fight for their rights but also more are being brave enough to stand up and say , Im Gay, And i am not ashamed! I am Absolutely ecstatic that so many people in either, hip hop, athletics, television, and more are saying YOU will not hold us back anymore, we will not live up to your standards or perception and be told who to love! We are free Now Deal with it!! I LOVE IT!! Jason has shown amazing courage, and bravery, and his sexual preference does not take away from his talent, his achievements and whats in his future! Hats off Jason, You have just opened the door for others to come out as well, and also gives younger generation a new outlook on Leadership and success in the N.B.A , You said w/out words, don’t allow your preference to define you, Not only can you be the next Black President, But you can also be a Homosexual in The N.B.A as well!

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