1/2 of Group Kris Kross Member Chris Kelly Deceased Possible Drug OverDose….R.I.P…B.Michavery’s Thought’s

1/2 of Group Kris Kross Member Chris Kelly Deceased Possible Drug OverDose....R.I.P...B.Michavery's Thought's

It is a very Sad Day, realizing that yet another one of Our Childhood Stars has passed away, with speculation being caused by a possible Drug OverDose. According to The Assoiciated Press, Chris was found unresponsive Wedesday May 1, 2013 at around 5pm. According to Police report, Chris’s mother Donna took him home to recover the night before due to him consuming a mixture of heroin and cocaine, Fulton County reports to CBS Atlanta. Although the official autopsy will be conducted on tomorrow, Deeming Drugs are the Possible Cause. Story Still Developing….. Chris Kelly known in the group as ‘Daddy Mac” and his partner Chris Smith were discovered by Jermaine Dupri , A now veteran music producer, in Atlanta’s GreenBriar Mall. He later signed the duo at the age of 13 to his newly found label So So Def and History was made. With chart topping singles, Best known “Jump” Spent 8 weeks on the billboard top hot 100. Best known as the backwards pants wearing , energetic lyricist Group of the 90’s! They later went on to go multiplatinum, single featured as an aerobics anthem, and then toured with The King Of Pop Himself Michael Jackson. After the success of the Debut Album Totally Crossed out, They released ‘Da Bomb” in 1993 and Young Rich and dangerous in 1996. Most recently they performed at Jermaine Dupri’s 20th anniversay so so def Concert, where them along with other so so def Alumni graced the stage.(xscape, jay z, usher, lil jon, monica and so much more!) Below you can view the link of their final performance where you can see that yes even after 20 years in the music industry the duo still had that “It” they possessed 20 years ago.

Its such a Great loss to the industry , that so many of our ground breakers, who opened the doors to the barriers being broken in the industry today are dying. Yes it is life, and yes its unfortunate that most common factor amongst them all besides the uncomparable talent is the Drugs. While so many people can point the finger and say the industry is the devil, or even blame it on the famous “Illuminati”. The Truth is …Celebrities are HUMAN being’s and as we all know, we all face problems, depression, mental issues, and in this industry after so long, you are no longer adored the same, or respected as much even, and that can take a tole on any artist. I think it’s very important to realize that regardless to what his or any of the other’s escape was, he was just like us, a man, who followed his dreams, never gave up, and had real issues like many of us try to hide on a daily. Yes celebrities go to drugs. when some of us, have addictions to fame, food, women, men, sex, Drugs,(many pop pills, do cocaine, sip syrup , alcohol, shopping (which leaves most of you in debt and bankrupt) etc. So let’s not be so quick to judge before you look at yourself and all your imperfections. Life is Short, but it depends on who’s living it. It’s your choice how full of life your life is! You see Chris Died at the age of 34. So young, But he did More than many of you will get to do in a complete 50, 60 or 70 yrs of living. He changed lives, he broke barriers, he traveled, he made money, he met amazing people, he wore what he wanted, ate what he wanted, had the fame, the houses, the women, and created music that will continue to live way beyond his time. So while many will focus on his shortcomings, look at what a beautiful life he actually lived. And make the choice to live yours today!

Xoxo Cyber Hugs Brave Stars


Watch Kris Kross Final Performance on Feb.2013

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