When Blogging Becomes a Platform for Hate and Cyber Abuse!….By B.Michavery

When Blogging Becomes a Platform for Hate and Cyber Abuse!....By B.Michavery

In a society where everything is controlled primarily by Social Media. At first it was only random people on twitter, facebook, instagram, or in the comment section of the youtube videos. Now it’s Actual Bloggers, who should be doing more informing of factual based news, whether it be in fashion, music, entertainment or cultural diversity. However lately almost every blog has the same stories, about the same artist, picking them apart, criticizing them, and their every move, doing everything in their power to be as hateful, and demeaning as possible. And i must say it is rather frustrating. I actually followed a couple of bloggers, some based in new York, Atlanta, &Washington D.C .But Not any More! I don’t really understand why its so important for every blog to talk about the same celebrities, every day, and its mostly negative talk, Then you have the commenters in the anonymous part of the blog where they say everything and anything they want to about the celebrity as if their lives are peachy perfect. I guess what im saying is what gives YOU if your doing it, or people in general the right, to pick apart another human being in a way that is not uplifting or even positive criticism , it’s to destroy them for some evil intention. We point the fingers at celebrities about the way they conduct their lives and how they should be a better rolemodel , when if you take the time to look at your self you are not any better!…Bloggers are suppose to inform, the good, the bad and the controversial. Not provide a platform for unhappy, miserable, insecure individuals to express negativity and destroy a person’s self esteem and worth, whether it’s a celebrity, or a normal everyday person. No matter your title or social society you reside in, our duties as humans is to bring out the best in each person, that does not mean you stop being honest with them or even voicing your opinions, however respecting the fact that not everyone will have your perception on every situation, Not everyone will do things the way you think they should and will not live the way you want them to. Embrace people and their privacy and stop being a coward hiding and maliciously throwing bombs at people on the internet and in real life! Let people LIVE!…Here on my Blog i have tons of Brave stars who are some amazing people, just for you every week i will post a STOP THE BULLYING MESSAGE! And continue to speak and use my platform to encourage individuality and freedom of life! B.unique and B.Brave Dont be afraid of who you are, leadership isn’t easy nor is it for everyone, But It is a totally free experience and its amazing when you realize how many others you can influence to do the same!! XoXo BraveStars Cyber HUGS!!!!


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