HELLO!!!! Brave Stars!!!!Special message for you!

HELLO!!!! Brave Stars!!!!Special message for you!

I know its been a little while since i have blogged! But i want you all to know i am still creating!!!i have received your emails, inbox’s on Facebook and twitter and your msgs on instagram!…I love you all!!! I love the support and the awesome energy i receive from you all! Im working on a book and the process is very therapeutic and feeds me soo much energy and puts me in such an amazing space! I will be sharing some excerpts from the book soon. Again i love you all!! CYBER HUGS talk to you soon!! Oh yea by the way….YOU ALL SHOULD DEFINETLY PURCHASE, JAY Z’S ALBUM, KANYE WEST, J-COLE, CIARA, WALE, PINK’S TRY ME & KELLY ROWLAND’S ALBUM ALONG WITH FANTASIA IF YOU HAVEN’T!! They are awesome!! I will be posting a couple of my exercise routines, and juicing recipes also !! Ive continued on my weight loss and healthy kick and i must say im almost there!! 20 pounds left!!!! talk to you all soon

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