RICK ROSS NEW MUSIC: I WONDER WHY: Highlighting Trayvon Martin Case featuring Testimony by Rachel Jeantel…#B.Brave

<a href="”>RICK ROSS NEW MUSIC: I WONDER WHY: Highlighting Trayvon Martin Case featuring Testimony by Rachel Jeantel...#B.Brave

The Movement for Trayvon Martin and his family has Not stopped and with the pending approval of the “Trayvon Law” currently being pushed by NAACP, and support from President Obama , Al Sharpton, Celebrities and Many Other Supporters from all across the nation its no surprise that while Hip Hop Artist have been judged for their lyrics and the influence they have on our generation, No one can deny the anticipation for who will say what Next! I often wonder why the positive efforts regardless of what their personal opinions may be, go unnoticed. Artist are just that Artist! and they have the right to create how their vision leads them. No one could go to Picasso and tell him not to paint a certain way because they didn’t like the direction, color or how it was interpreted. Let Them Express! If you don’t like the music , we all have a choice right?…Anyways I am very pleased at the song, its honest, raw and grittiness is what makes it such a passionate song….Its very empowering that people from all over have taken a stand… Finally maybe, but its a start! Its beyond Trayvon Martin its for all the Trayvon Martin’s out there! We control the change good and bad. We must be the change we want to see. This Journey is far from over but it is a start……CLICK THE PICTURE TO LISTEN….


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