OK LADIES!! This is what we have all been waiting for!…TGT has released their first official album as a super group, titled THREE KINGS and let me say this……….it is a MUST HAVE. The trio have been on social media for months promoting their newly independent album, performing abroad as a group and Tyrese even announced he will no longer be a solo artist after the release of his double disc, book and documentary titled Black Rose which is due to be released in 2014, and now we know why!..With filming of Fast 7 soon to be underway, his new artist lydrinette under his belt and a new record label Voltron its no secret he is a busy man!!This is not the first run as a group for the trio , they had a tour planned for late 2007, with Avant as an opening act. As part of the tour. The group faced difficulties given that each member were signed to different record labels,and legal issues they were not able to release an official TGT album at the moment. However all that changed On September 22, 2012, when Tyrese revealed on his Twitter page that the group has been officially signed to Atlantic Records. Tank & Ginuwine who are both grammy award winning singers/ songwriters are an amazing addition to the group and all three of them together is a masterpiece!

Click the photo for an exclusive listen to the Highly anticipated album!!

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