B.Michavery Is NOT Just a Blogger, She is a LIFESTYLE JOURNALIST..#B.Brave

B.Michavery  Is NOT Just a Blogger, She is a LIFESTYLE JOURNALIST..#B.Brave

B.Michavery is a very eclectic person! i love Art, Music, Diversity, people, scenery and most of all the ability to be myself and change openly and freely! I also love the fact that i have been blessed with the gift of touching people’s lives and being such a credible source in many’s growth! I never in a million years would have expected to become who i am today, and it has nothing to do with financial gain! I mean lets be honest when we first start anything you are wondering how much money will it make you, and how fast will you start making it! And while i have been blessed lucratively. But honestly I receive most of my enjoyment from the faces of the people who i am able to help daily! Whether it be through email, text, facebook, twitter and now my newly popular blog! I named all my supporters BRAVE STARS , because you are all more to me than a few clicks on the blog or likes on a facebook page or post, you are family. You are bold, brave, exciting, inspiring individuals from all different phases of life who have so much life ahead of you and just as happy as you are to be apart of my life through web, Im even more grateful to you! When you ask for encouragement, you give me encouragement, when you laugh at my jokes and post, it is reciprocated. In a era where so much negativity and discouragement lives through everyday experiences, and especially through social media, i am extremely excited that i can be the breathe of fresh air you desire! While every post is not fuzzy peaches, i try to always give double perspectives, never one sided biased opinions! So many blogs focus only on celebrities, drama and the who’s who of scandal’s, i try to focus on not just those people but everyday people, with everyday issue and also try to bring a bit of humility to the over harassed and exposed celebrities. So together through fashion, music, entertainment, social issues and unity we will become stronger and i will continue to grow as a LIFESTYLE JOURNALIST and i hope you will continue to grow with me as well. I truly appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart!


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