Healthy Thursday!!! The how’s, Why’s and Benefits of Juicing!!# B.Brave

Healthy Thursday!!! The how's, Why's and Benefits of Juicing!!# B.Brave

So many people have asked me, B.Michavery How do you Juice? What is it all about? And where do i began? What are the benefits and for most women the question has been DO I LOSE WEIGHT? HaHA. So Brave stars here it goes, the low down on one of my favorite things in the world. JUICING!. So for beginners, here is how i began. Originally i was over weight, but of course in our culture being overweight to ME meant sexy to Them( them being the men) i had the hips, the butt, the chest and all, but i was sooooo unhappy!! Not only was my outer appearance not something i loved, but it made me feel yucky on the inside also. I would be greasy looking:) , i mean i was always feeling like i had the hardest time completing the normal task, i ate bad, was drinking alot, eating tons of fast food, late at night, not one minute of exercising, i mean it was horrible!! So i decided about a year ago, you know what, something is not right. i had began to have issues with my monthly cycle not being regular and there for the body was not functioning as it should have been! I mean i tried everything to lose weight, i tried, not eating, that didnt work, i tried, eating once a day, that didnt work, i tried only eating fruits, nope! So i went to a nutritionist who informed me i was doing everything wrong!! I learned how to eat, how much to eat, when to eat and what to avoid! But i also learned how to enjoy the foods i loved so much moderately, with out depriving myself and most of all i began working out! I know so many say i hate cardio, its hard, i dont want to sweat my hair out, i dont feel good after im done etc! BUT get over it! Trust me if i can do it so can you! Your body will thank you for it later! 30 pounds +later ..ive never felt and looked better in my life!! I incorporated, yoga, pilaties, swing out dancing, and kick boxing to my routine!! And Honey you cant tell me NOTHING!! 🙂

Juicing is not a get quick fix scheme, it is a lifestyle and you must be consistent and stick to it! Many think If you juice it means you cant eat anything! Well thats not true….juicing is eating only its in liquid form. It breaks it down to the type of vegatables you are eating and the benefits of each ingrediate. Plus juicing is lighter on your system, all the hard heavy, greasy foods we eat normally or so bad on our system so juicing gives it the release it needs! There are a ton of varieties of juices you can do and many brands as well so its all up to you on what exactly it is you feel you want to do. Keep in mind while juicing is GOOD for everybody it is NOT for everybody! Listen to your body and be patient with the progress. It is not an overnight fixer However over a week or so you will definitely began to see/feel the difference in your body and its functions. So ladies NO it will not make you skinny in just one week! But it will reduce the bloat and water weight and if you stick to it with exercise it will absolutely reduce your weight significantly, But keep in mind that’s not the only reason to focus on juicing, its also to clean up our insides and become much more healthier! While many juice straight for days at a time, it is not uncommon to have juices as a meal supplement instead, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner especially if you are a late night eater. Its important to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water daily to insure your body is detoxing properly. Its also very important to balance, you can implement whole fruits and vegetables, into your cleanse as well! During my cleanse i also felt i feel so much better after its over, that i rarely eat meat! I know it’s very hard to believe right, but while i will in no way claim to be a full out vegan or vegetarian i do enjoy, the lifestyle of them! I enjoy different types of foods anyway especially if its a lighter choice! Which at first was very difficult for me being that i am a southern girl with a southern cooking family who loved to cook HUGE!! So that was really a culture shock for me!! But i love diversity and i enjoy the feeling of actually putting healthy things in my body! Recently i have fell in love with ROOTS JUICES! They are Texas Based and very reasonable, healthy and their service is awesome!! I mean they delivered my juices to my front door same day i ordered( cause i am in Dallas where they are actually based) then sent me a text message to let me know that they have been delivered. Even gave me a courtesy call before it was delivered to see if i was able to receive them earlier than delivery time due to they had extra room to move my order up!! AMAZING HUH!? yes!! And anyone who knows me i am a sucker for amazing service and i dont care how much it cost me! BUT when its still very good on my purse and the service is over and beyond amazing i have even more reason to stick to them!!! Roots juice is a Juicing Giant! Their ingredients are fresh, they taste pretty good for healthy drinks and they are so much more convenient than juicing your own at home , if you dont know what your doing or if you just cant get the mix right! With them you can order and have them explain the ingredients and the benefits to you, plus they will complete your full week of detox juice cleanses and have them prepared for you and shipped right to your front door. But of course you can always stop by!!! I juice at least 3 times a week, and during this time i only drink the juices! 5 times a day! 1hr of exercise and plus i take my vitamins! (even though they are in the juices). Drink over a liter or 3 (yes more than 2) a day so i can keep the digestive track going! Roots Juices also have nutritionist who are trained to help you in your transition and advise you of what to expect while helping you along the way! Many ask well why do i need to do this if i eat my vegetables! Well here is the thing, how many do you eat? Do you know you should consume at least 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, plus it contributes to , higher energy levels, stronger bones, clearer digestive track, clearer skin and lower chance of contracting unhealthy heart diseases, diabetes , some cancers and bowel disorders! While i would not advise you to start any regime with out consulting with your doctor and especially if you are pregnant! I do know this is one your doctor would approve of, at least to some degree depending on whats your condition.

Here is one of my favorite recipes! The green machine! Which by the way Dr. Oz introduced,however you can add your own ingredients but do not reduce the ones already included for best results!! Which is detoxing! Also remember to get some exercise in, all you need it 30 minutes minimum 3 to 4 times a day, but of course do more if you can!! Get that Blood flowing!

1/2 head broccoli (or 6 leaves kale), chopped
1 cucumber, chopped
4 stalks celery, chopped
1/4 cup fresh parsley sprigs
1/2 to 2 green apples
1 lemon

Grapefruit/pomegranate Citrus Juice

2 small grapefruits
2 juice oranges
2 tangerines or mineola tangelos
1/2 lime
2 pomegranates

you can also go to, & for more recipes!

If you want to make your own! Or better yet for beginners or Expert Juicers like myself!!! GO TO ROOTS JUICES!!!…Click the photo to visit their site and place your order today!!!

you will be glad you did!! Tell them I said Heyy!!! 🙂


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