B.Michavery’s Breaking News Report: Houston Texas High School Stabbing Leave’s 1 Deceased and 3 Injured!#B.Brave

Horrible News  In Houston Texas Today! It is reported By Harris County Sheriff’s department that during what has been revealed as a “fight” has ended in 1 life being taken fatally and 3 other’s injured after the disagreement. While this is not being called a terrorist Occurrence, it is still unfortunate as all involved were students at the Spring Texas High School. Sheriff  Garcia states that they are questioning 3 ” Potential Suspects ” and are looking for no other’s at this time. Story is Still developing and no calls from the School officials have been returned.For more developing information   Go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/04/spring-high-school-stabbing_n_3865260.html?ref=topbar

This is very disturbing! As a community it is important that we along with school officials and city counsel work together to stop this type of violent activity!  We have a responsibility to our youth and at some point we must take initiative to become the force behind the change! Children become what they see, they believe its ok to act out in these type of way’s because it has become the norm, not just on t.v and on radio but in so many’s households! We cant continue to blame others for the lack of direction, at some point the fault is on us! #B.Michavery

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