2 time NBA championship winner, 2 time NBA Finals MVP, 4 times NBA most valuable player, 3 time Olympic medalist , 2 times FIBA Americas Championship medalist,& USA Basketball Male athlete of the year, there is no doubt that Lebron James is one of the worlds most talented basketball players to date. that once you reach that level or any level rather your life would be mixed with a little controversy. No one can deny his skill and ambition for his craft! After joining the NBA in 2003 with the Cleveland Cavaliers as first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft, scoring 25 points first professional game and setting a NBA record for most points scored by a prep to pro player(rookie) in his debut! He Became the youngest player in league history to score at least 40 points in a game in 19 years! He undoubtedly earned the title Rookie of the Year. But with all his success with the cavaliers from 2003 to 2010,, James became a free agent in 2010, and eventually made the decision to sign to the Miami Heat, As part of what we call the Triple threat Team! James, Wade and Bosh were def a force to be messed with and while there were alot of supporters, there were just as many non supporters! I mean seriously how can you be upset with a person for moving forward after all those years and still no ring, even though his record spoke volumes!(Sounds like a hopeless relationship to me). His decision proved not one man makes a team and chose to move forward! With negativity coming from his former coach, the communities of Cleveland and other naysayers he didn’t take his eye off the prize, Lebron continued to prove why he was one of the best! And later began getting cosigned by the NBA greats! Going on to win 2 championship rings and MVP among other honors! So fast forward! What do you do after you have broken so many records and proven that you are among the best! You take it up a notch! Thats right, you add another belt loop to your mounting achievements. Which is exactly what Lebron has done, by signing a cohesive deal with Major network Starz, to executive produce a new sitcom Titled “Survivors Remorse”. Now its no surprise that when you have achieved as much as he has or when you have become what other’s perceive as successful, it can at times feel like a burden, because we all know how people begin to look at you as a product rather than a person and it causes them to feel obligated to reap the benefits of that success, whether it be people expecting you to save the entire community from poverty, paying all your family and friends bills to donating money to organizations just because you are now “Rich”. Such unrealistic expectations and very disarming feeling! So together the Ceo of Starz and the founder of a production company that produced hit shows Cosby show and Roseanne Tom Werner and Lebron Partnered to create a show that while is not autobiographical it is indeed an accurate look at real life situations in a fictional way. This partnership also opened another door for James who will also be partial owner of Liverpool Foot Ball Club in the Barclay’s Premier League which was orchestrated by Berkshire Hathaway billionaire Warren Buffett. Making this one of his many Partnerships to date. No execution time frame on when the Show will green light, due to it is still in production stages but we will Definitely be on the lookout!

Say what you want about Bron Bron 🙂 But his business sense is impeccable!
Click the photo for more info!

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