Ok…Take a deep breath, close your eyes and be still for just a moment!….Now remember back to when you had goals, dreams, aspirations, ideas and a passion for your life! You wanted to do so much, travel, start a buisness, expand your business, go back to school, find that dream job, lose weight, gain more of a spiritual connection, gain a more diverse perspective on life by reading more, writing more, redeocorating your home, build a better bond with your relationships, build more meaningful friendships, invest more and wisely! I mean you had TONS and TONS of things you just knew you were going to complete by now right?…..But then life happens, your frustrated, cant focus, lack of meaningful relationships leave you drained, down , and even depressed, you cant start that buisness because you have no money, no inspiration and no support system and so on and so forth!! So you JUST STOPPED! You allowed all of the negative things that have happened in your life whether within your control or without your control just stop you, and discourage you! Well im here to tell you, you can get all your dreams back! You can achieve everything you wanted and more…BUT there is a trick…Yep of course you should know by now there is always a give and take..But this time its pretty simple. You have to commit to yourself and make the decision of is this really what you want! You see im a true believer of what us in the Entrepreneurial world call “law of attraction” as well as a believer of how you perceive your life and your situation whether good or bad determines it’s outcome. Now that does not mean that no bad things will ever happen to you, Cause as long as you live, there will be obstacles, however its how you perceive those obstacles that determines if your outcome will be a positive or negative one Because that determines your attitude towards it. One thing i want you to remember is no matter what anyone else thinks you have to believe in yourself and you have to work daily on creating who you want to be. And sometimes that means “faking it till you make it” attitude wise. 🙂 ! You must keep a positive outlook on your situation and i know how hard that can be! However it takes much more energy being negative than it does being positive and if im going to be drained anyway id rather be drained with a feeling of peace than a feeling of heaviness. So how do i do this you ask? Ok first, i want you to dedicate some time to yourself, in a closet, in a car, in your room, in the bathroom wherever, and take some time out to write what you want out of life, who do you want to become, how do you plan on doing it and why you want to do it. Also ask yourself is this a fleshy desire or a spiritual one. Will i really be complete once this task is done or will i be just ok. Then I create what i call a vision board! I first get old magazines, books, photos, etc, and i cut out things that align with my goals and vision for myself and my life. It always helps when you see something everyday, so i love colors and pictures and big bold words so that every morning it is the first thing that grabs my attention. So even if i woke up with a funky attitude it snaps me right back to reality and allows me to focus! Below are some ideas of things you can add to your board and some items that will help to make your board very festive! 🙂

First you want to make sure your vision board has an action plan. How do you plan on achieving this goals!(daily routines, regimes to ensure you follow through)

1. Poster Boards( I have huge poster board, preferably loud colors 🙂
2. Variety of inspirational photos/words( places you want to go, things you want to accomplish, no more than 2 inspirational figures, only because you don’t want to overshadow what your purpose is with what they have accomplished)
3. listing of short term goals( i change my vision board every 6 months, cause you don’t want to have your board turn into a wish list that you may possibly never accomplish, you want your goals to be set from day 1 to day 60 starting out, to give yourself a clear view of your progress than as time passes you can always expand)
3. Visible time line of when you hope you achieve these goals.

Decorate, decorate, decorate, and put up in a place you will see it everyday!

Whether your vision board is for weight loss, business, personal goals and or just a plan old structure to your unorganized life 🙂 It will definitely make your life easier when you can actually see your goal target!! So let’s get started!! I want to see your vision boards!!! You can email them to me or tweet me! I want to see your progress!! 🙂 I believe in you!!


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