I love Positive Journalist/Bloggers, So why Not Link Up!?#B.Brave

I love Positive Journalist/Bloggers, So why Not Link Up!?#B.Brave

First let me say, I absolutely LOVE WHAT I DO. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than, actually sharing my perspectives and experiences through writing. I started my blog a little over a year ago and i must say, the response has been awesome!! I originally didn’t expect any type of reaction because i was only doing it , as a release. Because in business i share so much of myself with everyone. So this was something originally for me. And to an extent it still is in a sense because i never want to write anything or have topics that i don’t some how connect to, because one thing i know is people will connect with anything you do as long as they are able to feel it is genuine, and it is actually coming from a place within. I use to read so many blogs that only focused on Celebrities and negativity and i just knew i needed a space where the energy felt positive, even if the topics where not so favorable, i wanted it to be honest yet diverse, not biased and negative just for views. I didn’t care about the views cause at the end of the day if i was reaching someone and they where able to take something from what i wrote in an informative yet honest way. My duty was done. 🙂 . Through blogging i have been able to reach soo many people! I cant even count how many emails and comments i get daily about my blog and how inspiring it is, and everyday it is a different feeling, it never gets old! I mean don’t get me wrong ive gotten some comments that were not so positive from individuals as well, but overall the good out way the bad. I don’t run a negative blog and ive told many people to go read other type of blogs if they are looking for a place to cowardly be able to criticize and demean people anonymously, because this is NOT the place. Regardless of the topic, no matter how controversial, i will always give different perspectives, and i pride myself on bringing diversity and showing people different ways of thinking even if it is not a way they would normally see things! So I am thankful for my vast support system of not only individuals searching the net but also fellow bloggers/journalist who are inspired and very encouraging as well.! I have received tons of emails and comments about Link sharing or Blog sharing and also fellow bloggers who want me to guest blog on their sites as well! I am always open to expanding my blog partners and as a matter of fact i encourage it. There are so many positive, inspiring, honest driven writers out there and i would love to assist and partner to help expand the circle of positivity !

If you are interested in me Guest Blogging on your Sites and or wanting to share links Please email me at B.michaverymanagement@gmail.com so that i can read over your blogs and send you my link and vice verse! I look forward to sharing more with you all.

Also i would love to thank my BRAVESTARS without you and your support there is no way i would be where i am! CyberHugs!! 🙂


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