Obama Care and how it really affects our communities!#B.Brave

Obama Care and how it really affects our communities!#B.Brave

Ok unless you have been under a rock you have heard the debate of the why’s and why not’s of the Obama Care Plan. And whats so unfortunate is people really don’t know the facts, they are only being lead by what they hear. And as of recent the decision to Attempt to shut down the Government in retaliation efforts has me puzzled. Im not sure if people realize or if they even realize for that matter, that shutting the government down is still not going to stop the plan from going into place. It was approved in 2010. So at this point it makes no sense to attempt such drastic measures to try to prove a point. I wonder do they even realize that shutting the government down is not actually helping , it would make it worst, think about all the workers who work for the government, they would be without jobs until its decided otherwise. In return people could lose homes, go hungry and in worst cases for people who live like majority of society check to check, would be in dyer need of assistance. But again its not the people that’s the focus here. While i understand how business owners feel as i am one myself, having to pay your employees less or drop their hours to ensure you can afford to give them quality insurance may be sacrifices many must take, however in the end people need health insurance. Of course the more money you make , you will be taxed higher but isn’t that fair? Why tax individuals who are lower class or middle class at a higher rate than people who make over 200,000 dollars a year more. It makes no sense. But here is the real issue, so many people who are diagnosed with illnesses , such as crohns disease, breast cancer, diabetis, ovarian disorders, or any other illness, have a very hard time gaining insurance. Because currently you would have to do a prescreen test to determine if you qualify. Well this is NOT a very good thing. So many families who can not get insurance based on their health status are forced to live and use government assistance such as , county hospitals, medicare, medicaid and only receive minimum treatment, need and deserve more. Look at the veterans of our countries who are forced to go to Veteran hospitals in which in all honesty are not the best facilities with the best treatments, why is it fair to not want to allow them to receive the best healthcare possible! I understand..everything is a business, but its about the people. Our lower income communities are dying off due to illness, and they have no options but to pay out of pocket or not be treated. Medicines cost so much money and for people living on social security or unemployed its almost impossible. I personally have been affected by this in my own family, i have veterans in my family, a mother who has a spine disorder and a brother who has crohns disease and i cant tell you how much money we have had to pay because my brother was diagnosed with crohns at age 13 his insurance only covered him until 18 then he was on his own. My brother had to start all over, going a whole year without treatment, his body began giving out. Can you imagine, a 18year old Star football player, deteriorating all because his age and pre diagnosed health issue made him ineligible for healthcare insurance. Do you know the anguish i felt! To finally after so many calls, and letters to my state and county they finally gave my brother insurance through county hospital and he now gets his treatments which are $32,000 each time by the way every 4 weeks! So believe me when i tell you , this new healthcare plan will do so much for so many families. Maybe it wont affect your families, but it will affect many! How can anyone be against regulating health coverage for our society. Do we not see how many diseases we are contracting daily, how obese our country is which causes health issues, and how many families are in horrific situations and just simply can not afford to be covered, and yet we complain about forcing people to get it? Its stupidity at it’s most! And until a situation affects your family im sure some will never understand. Let’s not mention those of us who pay for insurance and its still not the best coverage, this plan will ensure we are able to get mandatory exams, checkups etc! So I say this, Thank you Mr. President, i really personally appreciate your efforts, when i look in the elderly faces and i think back on my great grandmother who died last year at age 104 and how my grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor now because of treatments, and a grandfather who is a skin cancer survivor and my Brave Little Brother who is battling Crohns, i thank you! Thank you for caring, thank you for thinking about our communities the people, no matter the color, religion or creed. Thank you.

For more information about Obamacare go to :http://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-facts.php


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