Beyonce’s Exclusive Tour Photographer Yosra El-Essawy, Diagnosed with Cancer!: COURAGEOUS, BRAVE & INSPIRING #B.Brave

We have all seen the amazing photos Of The Queen B” on tour. Photos that showcase power, elegance, and all add a piece of humility to the superstar. Beyonce placed a ban on all photographers at her shows besides her own approved exclusive Tour Photographer London Native Yosra El-Essawy, then a wedding photographer auditioned for the opportunity and 5 days before the Mrs. Carter Show Tour Launches she receives the call…..You Got the Job! 31 yr old Yosra describes the feeling as simply incredible, she says she has never prayed for anything so specific in her life! After 6 weeks into the tour, June 19, full of travel dates, busy scheduling she received news that she has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer, a disease which she says on her Facebook affects ‘one in a million’ people her age. She was then advised to leave the tour to focus on her health. in which she stated devastated her more than the actual diagnosis itself. Yosra updated her facebook with “Results are in… Not only is there NO new disease, but there is a 30% reduction in my tumors size!!! 30% with 3 rounds of chemo alone!!!! AND I’m heavier than when I started AND my hair isn’t going anywhere AND I can jump high and touch the sky. THANK YOU GOD!!! And THANK YOU#teamslugslayer!!! Don’t ever let anyone discourage you or tell you, you can’t do something. WE ARE POSSIBLE!!!” If I was meant to go through this, in order to show the world what the power of love can do, then I would do it again,’ she writes.

So Inspiring! Such a light and such a remarkable story of strength!! Watch above as Yosra opens up about her journey and how she inspires us all to continue to be Brave!


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