Young, Brave, & Courageous 31 year old Joanne Borgella( Season 7 American Idol Contestant and Wilhemina Model Diagnosed with Cancer #B.Brave

Young, Brave, & Courageous 31 year old Joanne Borgella( Season 7 American Idol Contestant and Wilhemina  Model Diagnosed with Cancer #B.Brave

You may have seen her face from being 7th season top 24 finalist of International show “American Idol”, you may have seen her face among promotional advertisements for Torrid and Ashley Stewart Clothing Brands, Walmart, Kohl’s Or featured ads in Essence Magazine, Seventeen, and in-style to name a few.But no matter where you have seen her you know that she has made a huge impact for women of all Ethnicity,especially African American women who are considered to be “Plus Sized”, and for a very long time not placed on covers of magazines, promotional posters or even represented by Top modeling agencies around the world. Now signed to Wilhelmina Modeling agency based in New York City, she has been able to break barriers many can only dream about. Recently the Amazingly Beautiful 31yr old, released an exclusive video to her fans on facebook, and gave a brief yet emotional statement about her recent diagnosis with Cancer. While she Never disclosed what stage she is in, or what the actual type is she did say that it is a recent diagnosis and that She believes it is all in God’s hands. As Of now she is undergoing chemotherapy in which if any of you are familiar with the disease know , that treatment is for most,the worst part, it takes a huge tole on your body and it is imperative for anyone undergoing treatment to have a strong supportive support system during the duration of treatment. So often we think because we are young and full of ambition and on a road to success that things like this wont happen to us. Truth is we cant predict when or how we will be tested in life and sometimes the biggest trials /test come during the most unpredictable times! This young lady like many are faced with uncertainty and its important that we extend our support and continue to bring awareness. My heart is with you Joanne, we are rooting for your fast recovery !!

Please click above photo for Her Exclusive Message!

BraveStars! Remember Health First! #B.Michavery

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