Are You Ready For What You Say You Want…………

Truth is many ask for things they cant even truly fathom having.  Are you capable of opening yourself up for what it takes? Some have such a narcissistic type of thinking, that they have tricked themselves into believing that they are owed the desires of their heart, however they have not even invested the time, effort or determination it takes to  invest in themselves.Instead they create this pseud within themselves, to convince other’s they are better than yet, in all honestly you are not. Why? Because you cant be trusted, not even with yourself, you are too easily distracted and influenced to follow trends oppose to setting your own. You want loyalty yet you are not trust worthy, you want the results but don’t want to do the work. That goes for relationships, career wise, etc. You see the difference between other’s , them and you is no matter how hard it gets, no matter how difficult the process or how impossible it seems, their determination to win by their standards is priority. No one, nothing, and no situation is powerful enough to deter them from their future. What they deserve is the best and they are not going to stop until they get it. And that is when SUCCESS KICKS IN. Suddenly you receive things you didn’t even know you deserved, things you didn’t even know you wanted, or expected, Stop tricking yourself into believing you cant, wont or life isn’t really what you make it. It is, Your perception, your beliefs, your lack of diversity and inability to welcome change is what is holding you back from living the best life you are meant to live. Stop comparing your life and its journey to the next person’s, cause you don’t know their story, and honestly it doesn’t matter . Each journey is carefully crafted for each individual and if you are so focused on theirs you will miss your purpose and blessing every time. Aren’t you tired of existing to a bottomless potential. Its time to live your full life, the way it was designed. #B.Michavery

14 thoughts on “Are You Ready For What You Say You Want…………

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