He Is a Dead Beat Yet You Chose Him………….

Ladies I am getting really tired of the “deadbeat” daddy post, the broke, lame , no hustle having, drama filled, hating ratchet post, hateful miserable, I need a man to take care of me post! Question. If these men are so lame , broke, have no hustle, &multiple baby mama having individuals. Why doesn’t your VAGINA know the difference? Does your inner organ not discriminate against toxic fuel driven connections?. Are you that controlled by whats between your legs that you will accept anything to get your rocks off or better yet, will tolerate being a sideline, or drama with a baby mama, getting high, drunk, fighting in a club to prove your “love” just to say “I Got a man”? I mean really? What does this say about you, how does your body even crave the mistreatment inadequacy and drama filled type of companionship even if for one night? You are enticed by his “cash” yea NOT INVESTMENTS, his game NOT his wisdom and his multitude of women drives you to be competitive, so you can become his “Main h*e” then label yourselves a bad bish, because he keeps you laced at a mall, with latest bag, Malaysian weave, hair, nails and make up done, while you work or NOT, at your place or NOT, worrying about how the bills gone get paid if you don’t act right! Come on, get it together, you attract the type of man you say you hate because deep inside you crave the dysfunction, it turns you on, to be ran through and tore up for the sake of having someone. Stop it! At some point you are to blame, stop settling for low life medicoracy, then claiming there is no good men! The issue is you have allowed so many “Hood rich” Balling, no sight beyond now having men so much access that a REAL MAN sees you as repellent! Tarnished doesnt attract Gold and Rust doesn’t make diamonds! Learn your worth and get it together!#WithLuv!##RealityCheck#

14 thoughts on “He Is a Dead Beat Yet You Chose Him………….

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