In spite of It All………….

They thought i was crazy because i had dreams and envisioned things that they were mentally too weak to even hope for. Ive always been optimistic, and saw beyond “realistic”. The fame, the brands on bags and clothes never impressed me, nor did it fuel my desire to be better than the next. i never cared about the things most said were important. My only mission and purpose was to do what i love, live freely, follow my own path and create a path i too would be inspired by. Mistakes ive made, friends ive lost, relationships never were priority because i was too focused to invest time with individuals who would eventually expect me to make a “Choice” and expect the choice to be them. But all the sacrifices were for a purpose. I can look at myself and have no regrets, not because i did it perfectly, but i did it God’s way, the way he planned, the way ordained just for me, and now i look around and see every seed i’ve sown began to flourish……Karma is only a B* if you are. She has been my best friend.#B.Michavery

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