Your New Year’s Resolution Should have Started MONTHS AGO………

vision board

BRAVE STARS!!. I know we are all very excited about moving into the upcoming year! For many this year has been full of lesson’s learned. growth, and much more! For other’s they haven’t accomplished much, not because they are not capable but  because they failed to prepare, plan or set any expectations and actually work towards achieving them. Sad part is this isnt the only year this has happened. It is so important to grow daily, monthly, and yearly, not because you want to be rich( well maybe) but because it is a self motivation when you can see something you set out to accomplish actually come to pass! So if the latter is you.……Listen…i love you and you know i do……..HOWEVER……You are being lazy, and complacent, it hurts nothing and NO ONE to set out to be a better you, so why are you not doing that? You only physically live once and when you leave this earth you want to leave something behind, not baggage, but inspiration. You want people to say because you did this, i can do that, if you can beat all odds so can i type of thing! I know you are tired of being broke, barely meeting deadlines with bills, no inspiration to follow a passion you have had for year’s only to push it off to next year’s new year resolution, unfulfilled relationships, unnecessary drama, low self esteem, over weight(then make excuses to why being slim is unhealthy) etc!..Being a procrastinator does not help you move forward, it delays you and more importantly you can miss you season waiting on the next one!…Don’t allow another year to pass where you haven’t done anything towards taking positive steps to move forward in your life, dreams, relationships, career, etc!Only you can change your life. So what/Who are you waiting on.  Set short term goals and long term goals, then work towards them!…..

So I’ve finished my vision board for 2014! I’m so excited, as I look over the goals and aspiration’s i had for myself entering 2013, i am pleased to say that most of them have been accomplished, and the one’s that were not were only because God saw fit to bless me beyond my own expectation’s!!! I am ecstatic! When i began doing the vision board thing about 2 years ago i had no idea if the things would really come to fruition, but after two years of consistent focus and redefining, it is true, whatever you see you become, whatever you think become’s your reality and whatever you believe can either change your life or make it worst!…I love my life!! The great and the Good( no bad) everything is a lesson, everything is done FOR my good NOT to destroy me.

I advise everyone to do at least one type of vision board, for me i do an inspiration vision board, a financial vision board( short term and long term) a personal vision board( one that pushes you to redefine yourself and your views etc) and then the Action Board, this one is filled with the steps needed to be taken so that you can actually actively achieve every one of the goals you have set! #B.Michavery

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