You Too Can Create Your Journey to a Healthier You..It STARTS NOW!.


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So often People Ask me did you really change your LIFESTYLE in order to get the results you wanted and why did you do it. Well My answer is YES and because it was NECESSARY. Often times we are just so complacent and we go on living our life, eating horrible, drinking and living a life full of socializing, being mother’s, chasing dreams, being wives and everything else you can think of, that we take little to no time to focus on ourselves. It has become  increasingly difficult, especially when you have the world glorifying being thick, hippie and having a big butt, is means and direct access to success , resulting in over eating and over consuming, risk taking such as injections, implants and much more .  The most we do as a whole is  focus on keeping toned or appearing toned in the stomach area, while you have the other  one’s who feel the skinnier you are the better fit you are to walk the run ways of Paris, London and Milan, as well as grace covers of Vogue, Elle or any other popular fashion /fitness magazine, resulting in eating disorders, drug addictions and even death. Being healthy is not only about size in weight, because as you know you can  be extremely small and still unhealthy and extremely big and unhealthy. Being healthy is an overall From inside and then it exudes outwardly. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflex and other health aliments, do not discriminate based on how skinny you are, its based on how your body reacts to what foods, habits, & lifestyle we adapt to and  allow within our body. So right now at this moment i want you to erase the image of healthy meaning skinny. Healthy is determined by your inner body NOT outer, and when we change our perspective’s of what healthy looks like, we will be more capable of becoming a truly healthier YOU based on YOU and not based on who /what others deem healthy is.

People always say how much I inspire them. And I truly am blessed to be in a position where I use the power I have been blessed with for purpose. I truly live the way I speak, I live the inspiration I encourage others to embody. Im  not perfect, yet my imperfections didn’t destroy me. I love myself the way I love others, my spirit is free, full of life and my journey is full of promise! The above photo is just a year old, and its side by side is a week ago. The journey to me is far from over but sometimes even I have to remind myself how far ive come. Its more than physical weight ive lost. Ive lost 40 pounds of weight, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, failure, loss, stress and fear. As much as I inspire you, I too inspire myself. Truly free and loving life!♥ Persistence is key no shortcuts, SO THE BIG QUESTION I KNOW YOU ALL ARE WAITING ON ….HOW DID I DO IT? No shortcuts, no surgery! Just hard work. Now im in no way negating the importance of some having to go surgery routes, because every individual is different however, even with surgery it still requires a lifestyle change as far as eating habits, and exercise. Now for individuals who are able to do it on their own , NO shortcuts, yes there are plenty of crash diets, many of easy way outs, pills, etc. Some even go the drastic ways of starving themselves, To get the LOOK. However this is NOT healthy and can lead to death, excessive heart rate increase and decrease, can cause heart attacks and what good is looking good in your casket? SO DO NOT DO IT. Trust me it is much more rewarding when you work hard at it and reap the benefits. You feel better inside and out and most of all you see that what you put your mind to , you can achieve, so its such an ego booster. 🙂 .Below are some things i did to help encourage me to stay on track as well as some of my routines for my workout/eating .

  • First get out of your head, that you will see results immediately! This is untrue and completely unrealistic! On top of that not fair to yourself!
  • Develop a routine that is best for YOUR  lifestyle,the greatest disservice you can do to yourself is comparing your health journey to someone else’s. For some it may be encouraging but for MOST it leads to severe discouragement, do not do that to your self. If you are a working mom/Stay at home mom or an entrepreneur it is incredibly difficult to find balance sometimes but its a must! So develop a routine to fit into your schedule. Remember 30 min to 1hr is all you need starting out at least 3 days a week, break that time up throughout the day if you have to.
  • Create a Fitness Vision Board- This is one of the most influential things you can do on this journey! If you are like me, than you are a hands on visionary type of person. And in order for me to focus on anything or work consistently on anything takes extreme focus! So creating a Vision board is an awesome Idea! It works! This type of Vision board is a little different that the others for me, you may want to keep it simple with just photo’s etc. But for me i actually do mines a little different.
  • Find a photo of you, either current or past of your heaviest!( This photo is will work as motivation of where you want to go from and where you don’t want to ever go again!
  • On one side of this board put all the things that caused the weight gain.( don’t say you were just born like that either) For some it’s health issues, thyroids, stress, emotional eating, low metabolism, or some just plain lazy! No workout routine, drinking excessively, eating late, no sleep, etc. All these things play a huge factor in weight loss/weight gain. So on one side you will put the causes and effects. So that way you see the habits you have formed and need to avoid. Then on the other side put your action plan. What you are going to do to correct the causes. Workout routine, eating routine etc. This way you have both a cause of the habits, and an action plan to correct it. After about 6 months you will update this part with a new photo of you after you have implemented changes.
  • Get tons of photos from magazine’s, inspirational words, people’s bodies you want to strive to mimic result wise( for me it’s Pink, Kelly Rowland and The beautiful Official Suanny, those ladies have bodies that inspire me to put that cookie down and do some crunches, squats, jumping jacks and bear crawl lol). Now after you cut all the pictures you need depending on what size board you have, you will arrange it and paste it etc!
  • Make a list of Foods to avoid, for many its general you know fast food, fried foods, greasy foods etc, but depending on if you have health conditions this may very well vary, so please consult with your doctors to verify what foods you should avoid and what eating routine is best for you! And then go from there! But for other’s there is plenty of information that you would need to research to know which foods are good or bad. So that you can see daily and be reminded of what not to do! DRINK PLENTY OF WATER, EAT LOTS OF VEGGIES AND ORGANIC FRUITS, NO SODA’S, MINIMAL LIQUOR, BEER, WINE ETC.
  • Get a construction board! I love loud colors so i cant avoid it if i tried! I also place it in a very obvious place that i look at every day.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST JUST GET CREATIVE!!!! Remember this is your motivation so make it interesting!!

SET GOALS: you have to have a beginning and an ending point, what is your starting weight? Where do you want to end up? And work from there, whether its weight-loss ,lower your blood pressure, get off certain medicines etc. Set the goals and follow through), Be consistent!( very important, you must stick to it)

 Create a workout plan( get friends, join classes, join a gym whatever it is you have to do to stay creative in adding cardio, and working out at least 3/5 days a week, no matter how healthy you eat, results come when the two are joined.You must have them both coincide in order to actually see healthy results!

Track your progress ( very important to keep a log of how your doing on your journey, this will keep you motivated to keep going, when you see its actually paying off! Keep in mind, results vary and inches count!! It takes work and time BUT its worth it! IF YOU QUIT YOU WILL HAVE A HARDER TIME GETTING TO YOUR GOAL AND IN THE END MOST LIKELY GIVE UP. SO DON’T QUIT! Its ok to move slow and its ok to pace yourself but you must keep going!

DON’T DEPRIVE YOURSELF:  Make a set day for you to treat yourself( if you know you love chocolate, give yourself one day out of the week after consistently putting healthy habits into play, to enjoy one candy bar!( Not the whole chocolate cake though ) 🙂 and the same for other yummy foods that you shouldn’t normally consume on a constant basis.

GOOGLE WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND:…I don’t know if you all are like me, but when i started my journey i had NO IDEA what the heck to eat! I mean i was a soul food cooking, fried chicken, mac and cheese( home made) sweet tea, sprite drinking junky lol! So i had no idea what asparagus or kale was. But i knew i did not want to eat salad for the rest of my life!  But i began researching recipes, all the way from vegan, vegetarian, low carb, no carb etc! I found out about JUICING and clean eating, i just fell in LOVE!!!! So research and i promise you will find something interesting you’ll want to try. i realized clean eating and eating healthy was not boring at all!!!

  1. Juicing:This is an amazing way to kick start your health regime….Its awesome for not only weight loss, but also for complexion and detoxing your body from the foods you consume daily.(did you know beef and pork amongst other foods take up to 7 days to digest!!! Just one of the reason’s you cant get that belly down!:)
  2. Beginners juice: instead of jumping head first, you can do a juice for breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on what you feel is best , below is a couple of beginner ones I happened to use when i first started they don’t taste wonderful but they give you ENERGY  and are good for WEIGHT LOSS, and have tons of health benefits!

These are just a few tips and I will make sure to share more! But for starters its a great way to kick off your healthy future!!







Im rooting for you and remember we are on this journey together!! Muah!!


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