5 Simple Steps In Creating Your New Year FOREAL: Make 2014 Different……



I must say this year has been so incredible. I’ve learned so many things and i have changed in so many ways, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotional wise! I’ve learned a few lessons as well, and its hopefully some things that will assist you in starting your new year off as well!!! So many people assume just because it a new calendar year , that everything will miraculously change, and sad truth is , It wont. The true reason for change begins with SELF.  Sadly some are so consumed with old habits, traditions, thought processes and expired goals, unfulfilled relationships, broken finances etc.,that their NEW calendar year will be like previous years. Not because it has to be that way but because it’s easier to say “Easier said than Done” than to make the changes needed to actually create a NEW beginning. I guess they are hoping or expecting it to miraculously happen. New beginnings have potential of happening every single day you wake up, every Monday you dread and complain about, every Sunday you religiously go to church and go home and fall into the SAME routine, with little to NO change at all. Those are all missed opportunities for change that we neglect. Because we miss a very valuable point. IT ALL BEGINS WITH SELF. The key to the new beginning is you. And the sad truth is, if you have the same mentality at 12am 2014, your NEW YEAR will be the same as any other day. Some things I’ve learned this year are below:

  • Learned Not everyone deserves the love and dedication that I possess.( often times we get so angry and frustrated with the thought of someone not being as dedicated and invested in us as we are in them. When truth is knowing who deserves it is part of the problem and knowing who doesn’t is the biggest.)
  • I accepted the term ” The END” without making myself feel guilty or feel like a quitter. I learned to be ok with closing chapters that no longer contributed to my growth as a person. Being a quitter and Ending a chapter are totally different things. Knowing the difference was were my enlightenment lied.
  • I have been  way too modest. I didn’t acknowledge the gifts and abilities I possess to the fullest out of fear( both knowingly and unknowingly) of people perceiving me as cocky or boastful. I realized I am an incredible woman, with incredible strengths and capabilities, and I should be the first one to acknowledge that.
  • I learned the difference in forgiving and letting go, without feeling obligated to remaining tied to something or someone out of mere pity for them, my loyalty had become a bondage, that kept me bound to people, things and a position that I had outgrown.  I realized forgiving is freeing only if you actually let go of the reminders of the hurt, insecurities , and possible regrets while  moving  forward without looking back or feeling guilty .
  • Learned to be myself even if it made others uncomfortable
  • I studied different religions and practices, I learned that I am not at all religious, but I am an spiritual being. Removing the mental bondage of what people will think If I spoke about different religions and practiced other practices has been so incredible. And connecting more spiritually without limitations has been what has connected me to a deeper understanding of who I am and what I actually believe.
  • I defined what I am willing to die for. And made the decision to  fight for those things until I Do. I am a firm believer in if you don’t live for something you will die for anything…..but in order to actually say that, you must first determine what you truly believe in.

LEARNED THE ART OF SAVING! -Money management was so difficult for me, yall have no idea!! I would spend every thing i got, not on me all the time, mostly for other’s, giving away, paying the tabs on everything! Until i realized HONEY YOU WILL BE BANKRUPT if you keep living like this! So i began saving and put together some techniques to help me better manage my money!

FIX YOU: Let the things that have held you back all these year go, its not helping you as you can see, change your attitude, your lack of diversity is holding you back, change your perspectives, get some priorities. Stop trying to keep up with the “Joneses” following trends, living above your means to impress a society that cares nothing about your existence . Set Goals and achieve them. Let go of that horrible relationship! For some it’s a person, some its Food (obesity, unhealthy living, alcohol, drugs, toxic friendships, dead end job /careers,. Etc. Below are 5 things that i know will help you kick start your new year into a positive gear!! See Below:

  1. Define your WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY AND WHERE of your life: Self Discovery is the most important part of redefining your journey, there is no way to correct or change what has become a routine or habit if you don’t realize that it is a problem. Find your purpose and build from there.
  2. Let Go of all the access baggage, you carry : Old hurt, regrets, fears, drama, issues, hatefulness, anger etc! : You must let this all go before you can move forward, otherwise it will always haunt you and detour you from your future.
  3. Create a Brand New Routine: You have GOT to get out of that old sluggish, routine!, that same drive to work, same conversations, same lifestyle, same interest, same type of people, relationships, traditional rubbish! YOU have to redefine who you are and what you want out of life and DO IT. Change the things that have become COMMON in your life and have no positive influence.
  4. Change your relationship with money: How you spend your money, save more, stop spending on frivolous things and attempting to keep up with the latest trends , partying etc. Learn to save more.

I know you all are probably thinking B.Michavery this is all easier said than done! And truth is I know it’s difficult however,I do know anything worth having  takes hard work and persistence, doing what others will not do to get to the next level is imperative! You can control your life and you are in control of everything that can change in your life. Its up to you to change the perspective’s in which you think. That defeated mentality!. Winner’s do not think of the opposition as a defeat, its a challenge! I believe in each and every one of you! I know that you all can make the changes you need in life and with a little encouragement you will!!



4 thoughts on “5 Simple Steps In Creating Your New Year FOREAL: Make 2014 Different……

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