It’s 2014, Resolution’s Set, BUT Now What?…….


I did My Vision Board, I have my Goals But what now…

    • HAPPY NEW YEAR BRAVESTARS!!! Hope each and everyone of you, had an amazing first start of the year! Many of you have your goals, had your mind set and you were ready to go! BUT then Next day came and its same routine. And your question is HOW DO I KICK INTO GEAR MY NEW YEAR, NEW ME? Trust me I know. how you feel. It is always easier to just fall back into your old routine and say to your self ” Ill do it tomorrow” “Ill work on that thing tomorrow” etc. BUT the thing is , how are you so arrogant to believe that you will have tomorrow? You know so many times we trick our self into believing that we will always have more time , when the truth is , you do not always have  more time. I am a firm believer in , What is for you, will be for you. No two people will ever have the same purpose or destiny nor the same journey to get there, however you can miss your season. And by missing your season you will miss the blessing’s and the lesson’s you were suppose to receive for that season, which would help you to get to your destination. Even with me knowing this i know , it is still some day’ s I JUST SIMPLY DO NOT FEEL LIKE DOING IT. Sometimes doing it , meaning walking in your purpose, following the steps needed to achieve those goals set for myself, but some days even MY motivation is low! Which is why I create my VISION BOARDS, and constantly write down my plans from everything like, daily meals, fitness routines, juicing recipes etc! By seeing and actively doing these things, it keeps me focused. But what happens when YOU HAVE THE VISION BOARDS, YOU WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS, BUT YOU STILL ARE NOT FEELING IT!…….Well I realized somethings must take place before any vision board will be effective, or any goals written down will be accomplished. See Below:
    Be Still ( in a silent room, no radio, TV, kids, phones computer etc. Just be still, get some paper and a pen ) now ask your self what is it you REALLY WANT TO ACCOMPLISH and WHY? Write it down.
  • Ask Yourself am I setting goals I  want to achieve or is it that I am still trying to live up to other’s expectations of the things I should accomplish?( You must know, that eventually anything you are NOT truly passionate about you will eventually lose motivation to continue. Which is why so many goals are not achieved. Its not because they are unrealistic, its because you never really were deeply invested in making it happen. Your passion wasn’t really there. Maybe it was a spare of the moment thought, a spare of the moment feeling and you tricked yourself into being ambitious about it. Maybe you were pressured to making a resolution either consciously or sub consciously, by peers, t.v, summer time approaching etc.
  • Change your mind set: No change comes over night You must change the way you view your ability to achieve the goals you have set! STOP BEING NEGATIVE.  You are what you think you are, there is a quote that says ” so a man thinks so is he” &” If one man says i can and the other says i cant both of them are right. You must focus on your mindset changing, first because all of the planning and agenda having in the world will do you know good until you do.
  • REMOVE ALL NEGATIVE PEOPLE: This should be self explanatory but unfortunately its not. Sometimes its family, sometimes its people you connect yourself to knowingly, that have no good intentions and or have no positive influence on their own life let alone anyone else’s. The closest 5 people in your life are a direct reflection of who you are and who you will be!


What is an accountability partner?

It is a person or person’s who have a like minded agenda, that keeps you focused and holds you responsible for the choices you make in your life. An accountability partner is very influential because when you are needing that extra boost of motivation they will be that extra positive influence, that many need when they are not feeling as passionate to follow through with their goals!.. I would definitely suggest everyone get at least 1 accountability partner. You have to be open to the critique and tough love they will have to bring and they cant be afraid to tell you when your slacking either!….. Find someone just as eager to succeed as you so you both can be each other’s motivation.  Which means your growth, your success and lack of, you will be held accountable for, with motivational text, weekly group calls and vision boards you  will all uplift and continue to encourage each other to be who you say you want to be! Positive influence is what helps push people to greatness!

Lets become accountable and make 2014 count!! I believe in you all!!!!!!!


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