#B.MichaveryTaughtYou Audio Series, Week 2: ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT YOU SAY YOU WANT..Link Below


Hey GUY’s!! So I have been a little selfish. 🙂 BUT not intentionally. A couple of weeks ago i was working on my book and  going through tons of email’s and text from people who I have mentored and  currently mentoring, asking me about when my book will be released and will I be conducting any seminars or meet and greets in the future for some #SelfHelp assistance. And I thought it was so funny that people were really that interested in me giving advice. 🙂 I mean I know I’m pretty smart and all but HEY lol. No seriously it is really really humbling and i don’t take lightly that people are able to be inspired by my work and my words, But more importantly my actions! That is truly something! So i came up with the bright idea to record an audio series! Giving advice and weekly motivation for all of the people who are needing that extra boost! Last week was my first Audio in the #B.MichaveryTaughtYou series and it’s titled WHO IS HOLDING YOU ACCOUNTABLE. Well let me say this….It didn’t take long for people to inbox me and send me their email addresses, wanting to be added to the Sunday distribution list for the Audio. NOW at week 2 I have over 100 emails added and still counting!! That is INCREDIBLE!!!

This week’s audio was titled ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT YOU SAY YOU WANT? Often we ask for things and expect things that honestly we are NOT prepared for, so what happens is when you get it, you mistreat it, you miss the opportunity and you mess it up ! Which is why in this audio i teach you why it is important to do the work on yourself to prepare for that dream job, great financial break through and of course that amazing relationship!……Well when i read all my emails and Facebook inbox’s, it was clear it was needed! And people can’t wait for more. I mean i was receiving emails at 2 am in the morning!! 🙂 SO i want to share this opportunity with you all. NO i cant guarantee it will fix every problem in your life but i will definitely say it will open your eyes to a new perspective on things!! So click the above link to access the EXCLUSIVE audio for week 2 of #B.MichaveryTaughtYou Series! And let me know your thoughts!! OH DID I MENTION………ITS FREE….YES I KNOW,  WHY IS IT FREE?…..Well I have tons of people waiting on my debut book, and they are requesting my assistance which is why i decided why make them wait….let me gift you with something special…from me to you. ENJOY. Oh and if you want to be added to the distribution list on Sunday’s….leave me your emails or email me directly at B.MICHAVERYMANAGEMENT@GMAIL.COM.

Muah!! I love you all SOOOO MUCH! 🙂 #B.MICHAVERY

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