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blake vond


What do you call a woman who has the boldness , integrity, enthusiasm, intelligence, beauty, unorthodox poise and a fashion sense so compelling it takes your breath away!….Well for me it took me a while to actually gather my thoughts.( Yes even i have moments of blankness 🙂 ! I call her my MUSE…. Im a very creative person, i love anything that compliments my  artistic expression and creative intuition! And SHE , ladies and gentlemen DOES IT FOR ME.  I have always been someone who finds value in being more than a pretty face or an amazing body. I am an addict to intelligence, fashion, boldness and i have no issue with showcasing another woman for her fierceness! I believe more women should empower each other oppose to being so negative and in competition with each other, It shows your true confidence and beauty when you are able to be fierce together.


Who is Blake Von D? She is a true Southern Belle, Originally from Macon Georgia, now residing in New Orleans, Graduate of Spellman College and juggling balancing obtaining her Law Degree and Fashion Blogger/Model on the side. She has featured in many mainstream publications, ranging from Pynk Magazine, London Style, Glamour Magazine,  Vibe Magazine, and SO MANY MORE. Her distinctive look is what has made her a well sought after model and her ability to make fashion look amazing on any budget! What is even more amazing is how this incredible woman had the ability and determination to be successful in-spite of her tough childhood, and many odds against her. PERSEVERANCE IS KEY.


To learn more about Blake Von D …Visit her

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