B.MICHAVERYTAUGHTYOU  Audio Series!! This WEEKS TOPIC..........See Below!

Hey Brave Stars!!! So many of you have been tuned in to my weekly audio Series! #B.MichaveryTaughtYOU! I want to thank each and every one of you! Its well over 150!! I am extremely excited and humbled by the response. We are on Week 4 already and The response has been remarkable!

For those who are unfamiliar with what Im even talking about 🙂 . Its a class I started that’s Free for everyone who registered with me via email ! If you send me your email you can still get added to the list so you can receive the audio as well!+

I teach about everything from finding your purpose, living and walking in your purpose and basically owning who you are, while correcting your imperfections along the way. Basically a live version of my blog posts! 🙂 .Who knew so many people wanted to hear my voice! SO every Sunday i release the audio’s and people take notes, email me back and even contact me when they haven’t received it by a certain time. Its really fun to me, But i take it really seriously! While im working on my book and all of the products i have coming out, i figured its the least i would be able to do in order to give back to my supporters!!

This weeks topic will be a discussion im sure many of you and i included will be able to appreciate. We all know how difficult it is to balance having a love life and Business life!!! So this week we will be going into details and exploring options that everyone can enjoy ( Especially your significant other’s) Everyone from the celibate one’s to the one’s who love variety! Safely of course!!!!! Tips Tips and more tips to help you balance! 🙂 Safety first and then enjoy!!!

Register here B.MichaveryManagement@Gmail.com send me your emails and i will add you to the distribution list!!!! See you soon!


4 thoughts on “B.MICHAVERYTAUGHTYOU Audio Series!! This WEEKS TOPIC……….See Below!

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