How I went from a Sexy Thick Chick to Sexy Fit Chick!

So many have asked me the HOW’S, WHEN’S AND EVEN WHY’S of my decision to choose to be a more fit individual.  Now well honest truth was I was tired of being the girl who USE to run track, USE  to play volley ball USE to be blah blah blah! After many years of living life, and not really focusing on fitness after high school then it all caught up to me, mixed with stress from being an entrepreneur or trying to be one at that time i should say, losing my father, my husband to judicial system my life was in SHAMBLES!……Find out below how girl like me turned destruction into determination and now leading a life that inspires others!! Part of interview below and remaining on

FFFC: Please introduce yourself to our readers (i.e. your name, occupation, hobbies, etc.).

BM: I am B.Michavery and I am founder of the T.a.t.o.o (Talking about things others oppose) Campaign which is an organization geared towards uplifting and encouraging individuals to be better versions of themselves. Ive produced documentaries, currently writing a book, and I have weekly motivational classes that I offer advice, encouragement etc. regarding different situations. I love helping people and just being an overall inspiration to people in life in general.

FFFC: What sparked your weight-loss transformation journey?

BM: My weight loss journey began about 1 year and ahalf ago. I just wasn’t feeling good. I mean I have always been confident but I wasn’t feeling I was my best version of myself. How could I continue to be in front of people pushing them to be Extraordinary and I wasn’t quite living up to that. My family has a history of diabetes and I lost my Father at the age of 47 who also was diabetic. And I loved my father with everything in me, and I knew the hurt we felt when he died so I didn’t want that to happen to me. I wanted to change my life inwardly most importantly because outwardly everything was good, however I knew it could be better.

FFFC: What was your beginning and current weight or measurements?

BM: My beginning weight was 203 pounds, that was my heaviest. I am now 167 pounds. I have about 15-20 more pounds to go until I reach my “Ideal “ goal weight, however I am extremely happy with the transition thus far.

FFFC: How long did it take for your weight-loss transformation from beginning to end?

BM: The process was from November 2012 to December 2013. It would have been much sooner but I wanted to take my time and really do it the healthy way. I wanted to work hard at it and allow the transition to take place and ( READ MORE HERE:

You can also read more about my Fitness tips on this Blog at :




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