Hey Guys! First I want to say I am extremely sorry about the delay in posting! I have been extremely busy writing my debut Book ( more details coming soon), preparing for beginning to film  latest documentary and preparing new merchandise to launch!! But I will be dedicating much needed time to post on here! I have so many things to post i just haven’t set aside the time. Not to mention, the many people who have emailed me regarding not being able to access my site over the past weekend, due to the issue between wordpress and the processing of my original domain OFFICIALTATOOCAMPAIGN.COM Over to IAMBMICHAVERY.COM. I can only imagine this was frustrating for many people, including me when I found out and I have been diligently working with trying to reach wordpress( which is very hard to do) and finally contacting someone who could assist. I do apologize and hope this does not occur again. The frustration with delay in reaching my supporters as well as vice verse is an unexplainable feeling and I pride myself on being accessible, as well as I pride myself on having reliable sourcing available at all times even for my blog, even if it means switching platforms.

Now to the reason of the name change.

Official Tatoo Campaign is my organization I launched under My Brand. It is an organization geared towards creating a foundation for people to feel free to be themselves. Self expression. I produced a documentary and much more. Tatoo Campaign is a reflection of who I am a a Brand, It is a part of who I am However NOT who I am entirely. So i felt it would be more fulfilling to change the Site to IAMBMICHAVERY.COM, due to there are several things that fall under that umbrella. This site will give people a clearer reflection of who I am, just as it has. What I stand for etc. Beyond The Brand. Beyond the films, Beyond the Books. I can use this platform to broadcast My love for music, art, relationships, love and Life w/everything included and In between. You see In life when you develop a brand and you have so many things to produce under that “Brand” It becomes very blurred along the lines of Person vs Product. I dont want those blurred lines. I don’t want my supporters to ever get this false hope of perfection and lose base with the person. BMichavery is who connects to the people. In return   My passion for people is  how I produce products, books and more. So as long as I am connected to the person the brand can remain under the umbrella. A separate yet one  entity. 🙂 .

Dont worry the authenticity of the Blog and my passion and purpose for the blog will remain the same. Official Tatoo Campaign will be added to the Blog as a page.

    Speak to you all soon # BMichavery


  1. I just need to know how to get a website started. I want to make a fan site for a new band. I know that I have to pay for a domain, but I’m confused about how to purchase & build a website. Help please? Thanks in advance! (:. Thanks everyone! (:.

    1. 🙂 Hey there! Well first you start up your account with a platform, i use word press, its free. Then you can purchase your domain right from the site! Its not hard, you get to pick your theme, customize it and its done just start building.:) #BMichavery

  2. I have a website that has been up and running for some time now, and for numerous reasons I want to replace it with a WordPress site.. . So, how do I start building the WordPress site – in a seperate folder from the “public_html” folder? Then when you are ready to move it into the public_html folder, do you have to correct whatever file-paths and link errors?.

  3. hello everyone. I am planning to start a website with my partner in Australia. But now, later, we get know that a website with the same concept is already exist in UK and they have patent themselves. so does this can cause us a problem. second thing is how we can set the term and conditions and privacy policy. I would be very grateful for your response. thank you.

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