Racism & Black America: What Donald Sterling’s “Private” conversations truly represent.


DONALDChris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin


I have been asked several times what is my opinion about the Donald Sterling and the recent controversy regarding his racist remarks etc. First let me say this , This post will not be about my feelings about his personal affairs, his wife, cheating or anything like that. This post will be about Facts, Agenda, and Honest opinion as an African American Woman. I am not prejudice towards any other race, nor do i judge people based on their race, culture or religious beliefs. I view people by their character and their intent. I have waiting to comment on this topic because my initial feelings where anger, then disgust. Very emotionally charged , and i knew that I didn’t want to post based on my emotional feelings alone. I wanted to report facts. While many blogs, post HOT TOPICS based on likes, clicks and views, Id rather post things that actually have a meaning and take my time

in writing an informative post about it. I want my readers and supporters to take something from my writings and they every post I create must reflect a piece of me. So here I Am. First I want to give people a bit of an understanding on what the real issue at hand is.  In our Country it is not a secret although many try to ignore, the about of racism that still exist. As an African American woman, I have experienced a lot of things, ive witnessed alot of things and one thing is for sure. Racism, Prejudice, Bigotry are all different yet the same. But to understand the problem we must first know the difference in each.

Racism-is actions, practices or beliefs, or social or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other

Prejudice-preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

bigotry- is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust or hatred on the basis of a person’s ethnicityevaluative orientationracereligionnational origingendergender identitysexual orientationdisabilitysocioeconomic statusopinion, or other characteristics

Each deprive from Fear.  Knowing this. It is safe to say Donald is indeed a Racist and practices bigotry as well. We live in a country where Black people, have always been viewed as a lessor than human. Bottom of totting pole, Disgusting, low life, ghetto, Poor etc. Stripped of our true identity and history and left with nothing but what others create about our history for us to believe in. Truth is, Slavery was not and is not our only existence but that is another post for another day. As a Black woman it frustrates me, it infuriates me to the core, that people can be so evil. In Donald’s mind we are still slaves. His statements in his conversation, were ” why are you associating with the enemy”, You can Love them, Fu*k them etc but do it in private”, I feed them, i put food on their families table” and so many other horrific yet not surprising statements. We are good enough to work for you, be the best in the sport,bring you in billions yet we are not good enough to be with you in public. Thats the superior attitude of many racist. But as Black people one thing we have learned to do is keep going. Which is part of the reason many taken the word ” Nigga” that many are still uncomfortable with and taking control of it. That is a statement that shows you no longer hold us bondage to who you say we were years ago. Wrong or right, You gave us the word now its ours.  Its always funny seeing other races debate why we use a word we were given. Its holds alot of history forced upon us, that no matter if removed from books, or silenced in homes, still exist. Period. Donald i feel very sorry for, because honestly him like many others are all the same, in their circle and I know just as well as many know that Him not being the owner any more will not change their thoughts. We saw the height of the racism with our president. So many people want to be blind to the good truth but truth is , racism is very  much alive. BUT again. WE as people will take a stand. And now more races have joined. The fight against prejudice in our Judicial systems, is real, at work real, in homes real, at the nail shops, hair salons and barbershops all real! Its here. But its about what we can do to change that, or at least take a stand against it.

Donald has a history of Racism, and Im not sure why people are so surprised. He is an 80 year old Jewish man born to illegal immigrants, with original last name Tokowitz. Of course he doesn’t think the holocaust and slavery are one in the same. In his mind ours was necessary. Ha. In 2006- 2013 He has been sued, for discrimination, by the department of justice, housing authority due to refusal to rent to African Americans or Hispanics according to him Hispanics drink and hang out too  much and blacks smell and attract vermin( diseases). Eligin Baylor sued him for employment discrimination based on race, ” sterling said wanted to recruit poor black men and have them play for a white man”  Said he is paying alot of money for poor black boys.” during the negotiations of David Manning. And to thing NAACP who gave him a lifetime achievement award withdrew the newest award due to his recent allegations. Why we as a culture would honor a man with known documented history of racism makes me think one thing….MONEY and POWER. If they don’t stand for us who the heck will. I think that was foolery. His connections lie with NBA COMMISSIONER , WHO USES BRIBERY FOR BLOGGERS AND FANS, BUSINESS PARTNER IN ORLANDO, WHO POURS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO ANTI GAY MARRIAGE INITIATES, ONE IN CLEVELAND, WHO INVEST BILLIONS INTO MORTGAGE BY PASSING SUB PRIME LOANS AND OKLAHOMA CITY ONE WHO MADE BILLIONS THROUGH FRACKING, AND FINALLY ONE IN BROOKLYN WHO IS AN OLIGARCH, A PATRIOT WHO USES POLITICAL CONNECTIONS TO GRAB BILLIONS IN STATE OWNED ASSETS FOR MICRO PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR. So as you can see Donald is NOT the only one, there are  many who influence the laws, and state of our communities. Money and Power. 

SHOULD THE PLAYERS STILL PLAY? This is a very sticky question, because lets be honest my honest opinion HELL NAW! But After emotion. ABSOLUTELY. Not playing only hurts the players. Beyond the contracts. It is something they have worked so hard for, their dreams, goals and aspirations have been put into this game, and pride cant let them throw that away. Wanna hurt the owner. Dont go to games. Stop paying for merchandise, remove sponsorship’s etc. Those things are what hurts the owner. Money and loss of Power.  Im proud of the players and everyone as a nation who has stood together with them, But the fight doesn’t stop there. We as a nation regardless of color, race, or creed we must all stand for right! Justice no matter our own fears and inability to be knowledgeable about the things we don’t understand.  We can be angry, but turn that anger into positive power. We can not be afraid to stand for right even if or when we are standing alone. Our pride as a culture, as a society as people in general, we must never allow what others call us affect how we see our selves. Learn Your history. Fight for right, and don’t be afraid. Im actually glad this happened. Its a reminder that people need every now and then, to see how much further we have to go and just how ignorant many still are.


“Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned for life and fined $2.5 million today by the NBA after he was recorded making racist comments about African-Americans.

“Effective immediately, I am banning Mr. Sterling for life from any association with the Clippers organization or the NBA,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver during a news conference in New York.

Silver also said he would immediately recommend to the NBA Board of Governors that they force a sale of the Clippers and that he would do “everything in [his] power to ensure that happens.”

NBA players and officials — including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Steve Nash, and Players Association president Kevin Johnson — applauded the decision from Los Angeles.” Via ABCNEWS.COM

http://deadspin.com/exclusive-the-extended-donald-sterling-tape-1568291249 ( wanna hear tape)

Awesome! #BMichavery


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