When Passion, Skill & PowerHouse Vocal Ability Join What Do You Get? : The Incomparable Alice Smith!

In a day in time, where true skill & talent is overshadowed by over-sexualized falsehoods of what TRUE music is, it is common to overlook gems. However this belle I couldn’t help but fall in love with immediately upon seeing her perform a year or so ago. Her voice is so powerful and i don’t mean just ordinary power vocals i mean I HAVE NEVER HEARD A VOICE LIKE THIS. EVER. Such control, & Passion with every single note. She never ceases to amaze me with what she can do with her voice, and ability to keep the audience in tune. She is not only a powerful singer but a beautiful woman as well. She reminds me of a 70’s singer, you know the type of singer that knew less was more on the stage, but when their mouth opened and they sung they owned the entire stage and captivated the audience with every single minute. She leaves you wanting more, its an emotional, electric, bold yet still sensual experience you just can not get enough of! AND IM IN LOVE!!!

Meet Grammy Nominated Artist Alice Smith:
Being raised between both Washington DC and Augusta Georgia,

her music has a mix of soul, pop. and uptempos to keep you in-tune! In 2006 She released her critically acclaimed Debut album For lovers, dreamers & Me and what a treat!!!! Granted I just discovered her about 1 year or so ago, this album indeed I had missed out on way to long!! While in transition between labels, and living life, she has given birth to a baby girl. Now the mother of one and soon to be pioneer of the music industry has release her latest album ALICE SMITH “SHE” ,inspired by the Hindu goddess PARVATI who represents love, devotion and power, which all contributed to her reinventing and resurfacing better than ever, and you have got to get it as soon as possible, I have already purchased mine and i couldn’t be more excited to share with you my newest obsession.

Follow Alice on Twitter: ALICESMITHMUSIC or her website at ALICESMITH.COM Catch her on tour now !!

Thank ME later:) #B.Michavery

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