Letter To Myself:…………..

See the thing about it is, I didn’t realize how much that “Leave no one behind” mentality was holding me back, until I tried to get ahead with who was behind me. Realizing that as soon as im not a benefit to who they think they can become by attaching themselves to me, they would be gone. It wasn’t that I felt I couldn’t do better without them, I guess it was the security of knowing they would always be there. It was as if as much as I hated the hurt, I had to prove that I loved that much deeper. Instead of allowing them to feel the wrath of their much deserved consequences due to their own actions, there I was willing and forcing myself to be the shield, feeling the effects. Like the whelps from a lynching like that of my ancestors, I felt every lash your inconsistencies, lies, betrayal and deceit left.The love you needed you were incapable of exuding and I allowed that alone to hold me captive. My loyalty became my master and you were its sensei. But now I know the power of truly being loyal and the importance of discontinuing those undeserving’s access to it.
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